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Creatio CRM, BeeSender ChatBot, Text messaging

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CRM with SMS capability - Creatio

The best CRM with SMS capability to help boost your marketing and service activities

Proper communication and the need to build full-fledged relationships with your target customers/constituents/clients can no longer be ignored.  To build this kind of relationships, you need a reliable CRM with SMS integration.


Creatio web-mobile

Various ways of using SMS with your CRM system

1. A majority of target customers believe businesses should communicate with them regularly via SMS. This is because the channel is faster and more reliable, meaning it serves as a perfect tool for delivery of secure and timely information as well as notifications to the target customers. In this regard, you can use SMS to send quick notifications and updates whenever a case is edited or notifying the staff in case of the assignment of tickets to them.

2. Did-not-attend (DNA) rates are likely to be lowered if SMS reminders are used. With the help of CRM SMS applications and add-ons, you can conveniently send appointment, meeting and deadline reminders to staff members as well as customers, thereby saving time and money. This can also immensely improve the efficiency of your organization.

3. There is no better way of following up on missed calls than the use of SMS. The same way, customers should find it easy to request a call back at their convenient time by simply testing to your number. Besides, as an entrepreneur, you can also discuss business with your potential leads in case they are too busy to pick calls instantly.

4. SMS marketing is among the cheapest, fastest and most reliable ways of getting promotions, sales, and other marketing materials to your potential customers. That is why many digital marketers and entrepreneurs prefer SMS campaigns that have been reported to be more successful compared to other common campaigns such as email marketing. You cannot ignore such a potential!

5. It is believed that businesses and companies that send personalized communications to their customers are aiming at building lasting relationships. When using SMS, you need to remember the names or any custom data whenever possible to ensure the customer feels the message was personally meant for him or her.

6. Once you send personalized SMS to potential customers, you need to hear back from them. To ensure this is achieved, you must be reliable in offering quicker responses to customer concerns, thus increasing their satisfaction.


To make the SMS campaigns successful, you may combine the use of long numbers, shared short codes or SMS surveys all of which you will be looking to receive replies then use the information to build a client database which will then come in handy when sending notifications in the future for marketing purposes.

Creatio as the best CRM with SMS integration

This is one of the leading CRM software, allowing users to use SMS messages in their marketing and service activities. The system uses connectors and add-ons to make the messaging seamless and more convenient. In general, using a CRM provides many advantages including reduced sales and marketing costs, improved customer retention, improved lead conversion rates, increase revenue per salesperson and decreased sales cycles among others. Some of the connectors and add-ons that are easily integrated with Creatio to facilitate easy communication with target customers and staff include:

  • BSG connector
    • This connector for Creatio allows you to send mass and unique SMS messages from Creatio system using the BSG serviceThe solution gives you the experience of sending mass marketing campaigns through the business process as to single person persons card.
  • Beesender Connect for Creatio
    • This add-on is for SMS and Viber messaging in their marketing and service activities.  It also includes customer surveys capabilities. Infobip is the recommended messaging service provider, used by the application. The Beesender Operator add-on connects messengers, social networks and live chats to Creatio. Additionally you can extend into the Beesender Bot Master designer for chatbots on your web site and integrations with WhatsApp, Twitter, Viber, Telegram and Facebook Messenger.
  • SMS and Viber Messaging
    • If you are looking for a CRM with Viber, then Creatio is the best option you can get. The SMS and Viber messaging add-on from Samarsoft is perfect for customer surveys and will come in handy when building a customer database for targeted customers in your organization.
  • Smooch connector
    • This is known as an omnichannel messaging connector for Creatio CRM. Smooch.io allows companies to communicate with customers across social channels, SMS, web chat, in-app chat and voice channels.
  • Infobip
    • This free connector empowers businesses to reach their contacts directly from lead pages, case or contact using short messages over the messaging platform. Infobip is a global cloud communications platform that enables businesses to build connected customer experiences across all stages of the customer journey at scale, with easy and contextualized interactions over customers’ preferred channels.

The benefits of a CRM with SMS integration

The ultimate goal of connecting with customers is to ensure repeat sales. To achieve this, you need to develop a system that supports retail CRM and that allows for SMS integration to guarantee steady and consistent improvement in customer experience, conversions, and sales. A CRM system is thus critical for any e-commerce business, but when you integrate text messaging in your CRM, your brand will benefit in several ways. Other benefits include:

  • It allows your brand to use cross-channel marketing in a new way
  • Multi-channel marketing allows your brand to attract, retain and convert new and existing customers
  • Use of SMS ensures the right message is delivered to the right user at the right time
  • SMS CRM integrations have proved to be more powerful since consumers using them tend to spend more compared to single channel consumers
  • SMS integration to your retail CRM means improved customer relationship with your brand since the SMS functionality guarantees more chances of connecting and selling
  • Messenger integration into your retail CRM is one smart way of promoting sales and ensures return customers
  • With SMS integration on your CRM system, it is also easy to improve and increase brand awareness since the in-store customers will find it easy to forward the text-based promotions to their friends who may become, in turn, your customers

There are many other benefits of SMS integration than highlighted here, but you must be aware of how crucial it is to your brand and business in general. The advanced Creatio CRM will let you accomplish all these in the simplest way possible. By creating a single database of all accounts and contacts you always work with, you can use the Creatio customer service to record your contact data, service history, medial social profiles addresses with map view capability, all corporate relationships and the entire history of interactions with your customers. This way, you would have built a 360-degree view of your customers hence capable of providing them with the best service ever. Besides, the CRM can be easily integrated with SMS and messenger features to help you maintain seamless communication with your customers based on the information acquired from the software’s analytics.

Creatio CRM will help you in engaging with your customers, get insights about your organization, predict the customer’s behavior, and build a scalable sales organization. Above all, you need to integrate text messaging in your CRM to make it more convenient when it comes to customer relationship that further influences sales and return on investment.

Sounds interesting to accelerate your business connections with prospects and customers?

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