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Business Transformation, low-code/no-code, Align operations with business strategy

3 Min Read

CRM of the Future: How No-code Can Change the Game in 2022 and Beyond

Join us for a thought-leadership discussion “CRM of the Future: How No-code Can Change the Game in 2022 and Beyond” on December 29.  

During this content-packed session, you will explore:

  • What are the emerging CRM trends for the upcoming year
  • What are the main advantages of no-code CRM adoption
  • How a sophisticated no-code CRM can improve business outcomes
  • How to strike a balance between simplicity and functionality in CRM software

Save our free spot:  Live Dec. 29th  @ 10 AM EST

CRM fo the Future-How No-code can change the game-Dec 29

To adapt to the ever-changing customer needs, most organizations are racing to become more agile, more effective at creating personalized offers, and make insight-driven decisions faster than ever before. It requires a shift from legacy systems to flexible, highly customizable, and easy-to-use no-code CRM tools.

Join us on December 29 for a fireside chat with business and IT leaders from Facilization, ChessIT, Go Virtual, CISEL, and Creatio and discover how no-code CRM can shape your organization to compete in the world where change is the only constant.


Topics:   Business Transformation low-code/no-code Align operations with business strategy

Creatio recognized provider of best-in-class CRM and BPM solutions

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Creatio- Major Update 8.0 Atlas

Creatio presents its major platform update, 8.0 Atlas, to build applications and workflows with no-code and a maximum degree of freedom. The Atlas release includes reimagined no-code capabilities ...
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No-Code Makes Digital Workflow Accessible to All

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