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Business Drivers for CRM, Know your customer, People first CRM, Make sense of what you face

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CRM Is The Glue - It Ties Information & How We Work Together

We recently met with a client's IT department director, the director of customer service and key sales managers.  As we finished up our next 90 day planning, the IT director turned and stated - "CRM is the glue".  He had come to more deeply realize that a well-used CRM system ties their information and how they work together. It helps to make sense of the accumulated knowledge of our customers and how they want business_people_shaking_hands_with_boarder.jpgto be served.  Within their CRM system, they can tell who are their best customers, how they best connect with them and how valuable their offering is to them. 

A well-used CRM allows each of us to make a powerful impact on people we communicate with daily and those we serve.  Within our CRM system, we can find all the past historical communications between customers and employees.  This become our one, main trusted version of the truth.  It shows how professionally we followed up and how we best connected the value of our offerings in solving their needs and full filling their improvement opportunities. 

Your CRM system helps to keep all your staff accountable to customers, fellow employees and most importantly to yourselves.  It shows when, why and who each person connected with. It shows where someone dropped the ball and delivered expectations fell short.  The CRM knowledgebase tells what is working and where improvement is needed.

CRM is a Connector and Provides Roadways to Destinations

well-used CRM system connects your internal business units and departments. If something occurred with a
lead or prospect, it is in there.  If your marketing content really connected or not, it is in there.  If your perceived sales opportunities progressed smoothly from the first buyer step to the next buyer step and on to a win or loss, it is in there.  If your sales forecasts were on target or way off, it is in there.  If you were able to moreaccurately predict revenue or not, it is in there.  If you had a customer service or support issue, you can quickly tell that from within CRM.  It will show if there are trending issues in your product offerings, in our delivery process, in your team's follow-up and so forth. 

A well-used CRM tells us if your connected solution resolved the issue or not. It shows how long and the amount of effort taken for resolution.  All of this invaluable knowledge is to manage a better business and do a much better job of serving customers.

Your CRM information helps you connect the dots and merge the former silos of disparate information.  It makes the sum much greater than the parts.  It gives a more detailed and clearer view!  It eliminates the drudgery of finding important information.

Everyone in your business can 'see' who your past and future customers really are. It helps to clarify your ideal prospects and customers.  It shows how you have previously connected and can better connect with them in the most important ways.  Do they prefer phone conversations or face-to-face meetings?  Are they quick to respond to email as their preferred communication style? Helpful and insightful information is easily shared within your organization so relationships develop faster and stronger.

Easily Plan and Perform Daily Actions

Well-used CRM connects the day to day CRM user in Sales, Marketing and Customer Service with what's on their schedule.  It allow them to easily view and filter what needs to be completed and managed.  It helps each person better plan their day, their week and their month.  It helps them summarize what they need to know as they communicate in an email or phone conversation.

'Relationships' are the core to business success and CRM....

  • How people relate to one another.
  • What are the interests that they share
  • How they connect best.
  • What their role and responsibilities are in the organizations
  • How they have made decisions before
  • How they educate one another.
  • How they work together best.
  • How fast do they respond.
  • How they have served one another
  • When is the best time to reach one another.
  • How one person is a company is associated to another business
  • How they have followed up and met customer expectations

Yes, knowledge in your CRM system is a connector and glue for maintaining a thriving and successful business for years to come.

'The most valuable CRM system is the glue toward consistent business success!'


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Topics:   Business Drivers for CRM Know your customer People first CRM Make sense of what you face

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