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CRM Integration Before, During, and After Implementation

CRM Partner Services: CRM Integration Before, During, and After Implementation 

Someone recently asked us: do we do CRM implementation, or CRM integration? It’s not just semantics. Both I-words are important.

An implementer starts something to be put into use.

An integrator plans for things to work together and keeps them running smoothly.

Without integration, implementation of your CRM

might be an exercise in futility.

Start with Integration mindset


You might think implementation comes first, because it starts the ball rolling. But if a business doesn’t start the CRM project with an integration mindset, the implementation will be off-kilter. Staff whom you want to adopt it will see quickly that it’s not really helping.

  • It’s not delivering on its promises.
  • It’s not supporting their success.
  • It’s not making their lives easier.
  • And they will resist using it.

And there goes your hopes for digital transformation as well as your investment.

Chances of a successful CRM implementation will soar if planning starts with thinking about what customer-facing processes can be made more efficient and personal and how one solution could undermine them all. In other words, CRM integration.

Common Synchronizations and Integrations to consider:

Data clean-up and migration is another important part of integration. Plus, optimal integration usually requires some level of customization. Creatio – as in you create your own customized CRM – is built with low-code, no-code, so it won’t take an IT specialist or developer to make and keep it integrated.

Make it easier - start with a Unified CRM Platform

Integration success is greatly enhanced when you have an intelligent unified platform to accelerate marketing, sales, service and operations.  Implementation and user adoption are both accelerated when a unified platform is built-in. A CRM such as Creatio also offers out-of-the-box solutions, templates and applications on their marketplace to accelerate productivity and extend platform functionality.

An Experienced Partner for Integration

The value we bring to businesses as a CRM partner is our deep experience with business processes and the digital solutions that can increase productivity and enhance customer relationships. We will hear you out, ask good questions, and help you integrate your CRM with how you work, not the other way around.

You don’t need another layer of tech to complicate your stack – you need a single platform that will simplify it and that will adapt as fast as you need it to.

So, the answer to the question we started: We are a Creatio CRM integrator along with Infor CRM and ACT! The result for you is that you get an implementation that starts you off on the right foot, keeps you going toward digital transformation and accelerates your business growth.

We’re excited about your possibilities. Learn how we can help you improve your Creatio CRM integration – Contact us today (269-445-3001)



Topics:   Integrated Business Sales & Service Integration Accelerate Business Transformation

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