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CRM - for knowledge capture, distribution and improvement from

Every successful CRM system revolves around the management of knowledge.

It starts with identification of the primary prospective and current customer business accounts and the contacts with various people at these accounts. The CRM system database holds the connections and associations among people.  It's tapping into the tribal knowledge of what works and accumulated by others in the organization - sharing the power of knowledge.

As the business relationship developsmore quality knowledge is captured and shared, leading to smarter decisions.  The value of knowledge from the CRM database increases the value of business over time.  Your insights of your top tier of customers, your top tier of sales people and your top tier of your best prospects will grow and grow.  You'll "know" more about your people and how they best interact inside and outside your organization.  You'll have stronger insights about what turns prospects into profitable long-term customers.  CRM is about knowing your customer better than any competitor.




CRM is about organizing your world in which you do business. It's a way to stay on top of your highest priority opportunities while your larger number of smaller deals are not forgotten by you or the prospect forgetting about you. For example, Swiftpage integrated emarketingallows your business to setup nurturing campaigns to remain "top of mind."

CRM knowledge is about the right alignment of your solutions to solve customer problems and helping them get to a better state.  We have clients who capture customer service and support issues with Saleslogix service tickets.  They can identify these issues down to specific areas, categories and issues.  Many will be able to find reoccurring issues and be able to more quickly resolve an issue and prevent it from happening in the future.

Mobility in CRM provides an easier way to track instant notes of sales conversations while in the field and as ideas pop into your mind.  Mobility provides 24 x 7 x 365 day access to your past commitments, future schedule and to quickly review the status of changes in your business accounts.  Knowledge flows faster with CRM mobile option such as Saleslogix mobile:



Yes, success with CRM is first about the people then the operational processes of improvement. A successful CRM system will be the main source of knowledge about your people and with whom they have developed successful business relationships.  Knowledge from CRM will help guide a business strategically and in performing its day to day business.

Topics:   Appreciating Asset CRM System Importance Customer Service Improvement Buying process

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