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CRM: about more than just 'Customer' Relationships...

CRM impacts relationships among people

I was reminding a prospective client the other day of just how many types of relationships there are among people within a business. 

Yes, it is called Customer Relationship Management, but if you are using a CRM system just for the management of customer relationships you are not getting the full bang of a CRM System's capabilities. 

In general we talk about the customer as someone outside our organization, but a CRM system also includes internal customers, those that interact and share knowledge about the business.  Also, some contacts will not become buying customers but you still need to track them as resources, referrals, references and all-around good-to-know people.  Vendors and alliance partners should all be kept in the loop as part of your business relationship development strategy.

Let's expand our thinking regarding the people we interact with and how they are all part of our relational database.  The diagram below shows some types of relationships to consider among the people in your business... 





All these types of relationships need to be part of business development strategy and found in your bpm'online CRM, Infor CRM  (Saleslogix),  or Swiftpage  ACT! database.  Both systems let you create your own groups for the types of relationships useful in your business. Useful content, freely shared in your business blog and electronic newsletters, needs to be specific to these groups.

So who have you been forgetting to communicate with in your contact sphere? 

How can you extend your CRM database to include additional people relationships for more strategic business development?

Learn more about how to optimize your contact management and Customer relationship management system.... here....

What other types of relationships have I forgotten that you find in your CRM system?



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