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Creatio CRM, Creatio vs Salesforce

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Creatio vs. Salesforce: Functionality and Value Compared

Creatio to Salesforce Product Comparison

How does Creatio CRM stack up against Salesforce? A new video released by Creatio compares functionality and what value users would receive using each while walking viewers through screen shots of both. It should come as no surprise to anyone that we think Creatio is a better choice, but many people are curious about why, so we’ve created a quick summary of the video for you. If you are intrigued, by all means watch the video yourself by clicking the link at the end of this post.

Alex and David, the two presenters on the video, focus on four areas as they examine both solutions: opportunity management, business processes, automation, and pricing and value. Ready? Let’s dive in.

Opportunity management

Creatio CRM can fine-tune the life stages on a customer’s journey. All of these are highly customizable due to its low-code platform. A manager can create, control, and make simple a workflow of specific steps toward each milestone that will lead users to execute the company’s strategic sales process.

Salesforce also has opportunity management. To configure the opportunity management page, different fields can be pulled from a pallet and dropped onto the page for each stage to create the path. Users have the option of clicking to access guidance as they are configuring this page, but David noted that this felt “like a gimmick” compared to the ongoing, wrap-around training and knowledge base provided as a matter of course to all Creatio users.

The verdict: Both can get things done. The important question is how. Salesforce requires a bunch of add-ons, all of which users must learn separately, to achieve anywhere near the level of control and analysis you get from Creatio with its dynamic case management (DCM) and workflow designer in one consolidated platform.

Business processes

A huge ingredient in Creatio’s secret sauce is that it is built on a proven business process management engine. With low-code, designated users – “citizen developers,” not specialized tech support -- can change how certain actions are triggered at any moment the need to do so becomes obvious, all from one tool used by departments up and down and across the organization. Many system actions, not limited to CRM, can be set up to continue to run behind the scenes, only involving users when a crucial decision is needed.

Modern business management recognizes that change is a constant. Processes have grown more complex than ever. Creatio’s combination of DCM and BPM gives it the power to collect data as it documents steps of processes and then provide analytics showing what’s working well and what isn’t. The goal is to make it easy for a business analyst to see how everything works in synergy.

With Salesforce, you can also create process flows. You can set linear if-then conditions for actions such as sending an email or generating a proposal. But it does not use a DCM or BPM approach. Its platform is more of a trigger agent than a true process builder, says David.

The verdict: Creatio is more powerful when it comes to business process management.


“Creatio was born as a BP platform,” Alex reminds viewers. The company, formerly bpm’online, remains focused on continuously delivering the best-of-breed automation of processes. It provides users with everything needed to automate workflows right there, on one platform, while also doing database work. Users don’t need to learn a bunch of different tools. And they’re not reinventing the wheel; they’re following industry standards and running on existing, proven effective DCM and BPM frameworks.

Salesforce has fewer options for setting up conditions for automated workflows. You can get most anywhere in Salesforce, said David, but you have to pay attention to the hidden costs of all the additions you need in order to do so.

The verdict: If automation is what you need, Creatio wins.

Pricing and Value

Creatio and Salesforce utilize different commercial models. Creatio’s pricing structure is simple and transparent. The company gives customers full ownership of their applications, with no limitations. Their pricing also includes continuous support and regular delivery of updates and improvements rather than making them additional costs.

Salesforce offers several levels of service. David explains that the Professional level allows for a handful of automatons, but if a company needs more, they must upgrade to the Enterprise level, where additional “permissions” all inflate the price. Figuring out how much it will cost the company in total is quite complex to understand.


Try it Free -Creatio -full fledged CRM for marketing, sales and service


The verdict: For mid-sized businesses who want a CRM that will also manage more processes beyond CRM, Creatio is a better value than Salesforce Enterprise.

As promised, here’s the link to the full product battle video on Creatio VS Salesforce.


Have you been debating which solution will accelerate your business transformation? We hope this comparison is helpful and we’re here to answer any questions you might have. Or maybe you’ve been using Salesforce but now are bumping up against the limitations that would require you to pay more hidden costs to transform your business.

Let’s talk about your needs – no obligation to you. Here’s how you can contact us.

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