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Creatio updates, Sales Creatio, Accelerate Business Transformation

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Creatio version 7.18.1 updates with Sales Playbook Hints

Creatio low-code CRM with business process management is updating subscription-based customers to the latest version 7.18.1 - July 2021.  The set of updates cover Creatio's business process configuration, Sales playbook hints (my favorite), the new Home page customization, chat transfers, and email marketing.

To learn what was released in the 7.18 recent major release, read more here.

New features and improvements include:

Business processes

When building a process diagram, it's now much easier for users to assign process tasks to roles; any employee with this role can perform such a task; it is convenient to work with group tasks in the communication panel.

The business process task owner list

reassign_task owner of business process


Group task action on the communication panel


Sales Tools - Sales Playbook

Creatio has implemented Sales Playbook hints to simplify users' work with leads, sales, orders, and other objects in the system.

The hints let users access the up-to-date information from the knowledge base when working with a lead, opportunity, order, or any dynamic case object. For example, navigate to the “Presentation” step of the corporate sales process to learn more about the best practices and recommendations for creating presentations.

Set up hints in the [ Playbook ] tab of the [ Knowledge base ] section articles.

Accessing a Playbook hint in the { Opportunities ] section case


Home pages

When customizing the home page, you can change the automatically generated element code; it became easier to update the homepage data; data view on mobile devices was also improved. 

The homepage layout on mobile devices was improved. The elements are grouped in a single column, making them easier to view.

Working with chats

Now users can transfer chats to other departments; push notifications were added for new chat messages; the processing of messages sent in Facebook Messenger's guest mode was improved, also.

The list of chat queues


Email Marketing

When using the throttling mechanism, it's possible to specify the daily limit and throttling rules for the emails.

The custom limit setup


Banks and Finances

In the Financial Services Creatio product line, it's now possible to work with the product selection as part of a business process.

The "Product selection" pre-configuration page


NOTE:  Please, make sure your Mobile Creatio application is updated to the latest version for the best performance.

Visit the Creatio Academy for detailed descriptions of all the new features and upgrades or download the 7.18.1 PDF.

Find out about the productivity improvements in the last major release 7.18, read more here.


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