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Creatio has recently released their version 7.15.3 and clients with the cloud deployment will be automatically updated or will have received this update in the last week.

Please, make sure your Mobile Creatio application is also updated to the latest version for the best performance. See more below about

The latest Creation CRM (formally bpm'online) updates include:

Sales forecasting

Forecast summaries can now be displayed hierarchically. All forecast summaries are now automatically recalculated upon changes that users make to the forecast, e.g. when adding columns or changing the forecast period. Additionally, users can now set up permissions for Forecasts section records

Forecast hierarchy with summaries

Creatio Forecast Hierarchy summaries

Order management

Sales Creatio and Creatio Partner Portal now have expanded price lists management functionality for placing orders. For instance, users can set up custom price lists for accounts (e.g. a special discount for customers or partners), and configure different price lists in accordance with different levels of partnerships. Therefore, when selecting items to place an order, a price from the custom price list automatically shows up. If a custom price list for customers or partners is not available, Creatio will pull out a price from the basic price list (if configured) or from the product card.

The [Price list] field in the account profile.

Creatio price list field for account profile


Partner marketing

Creatio now provides users with tools for partner funds management. Sales Creatio and Creatio Partner Portal ensure the following out-of-the-box capabilities:

The [Funds] detail on the partnership page in the main Creatio application.


Financial Services Creatio

In addition to updating the platform, several enhancements were made to Creatio products for banks and financial institutions:



PostgreSQL DBMS is now available for Financial Services Creatio products.


The interface of Financial Services Creatio has been improved. The basic information about contacts and legal entities is now available in the profiles.


When creating a landing application, the contact data is filled automatically.


Users can now view data for the connected cases on the case record page.


The latest Creatio low-code platform enhancements include:

Business process management

The latest release of Studio Creatio Free provides the beta version of a revamped process designer, which will be included in all Creatio products soon.

Updated diagram interface

Creatio Updated diagram interface BPM

Also, the newest update features several enhancements that enable automated log cleaning. For example, users can configure rules to:



Cancel erroneous processes


Archive overdue processes


Delete archived records that are stored in the log for longer than a specified period


Data management


The “Age” field has been added to the “Contacts” section to provide a more accurate user profile.


The dashboard functionality has been enhanced for faster and more accurate data visualization.


Creatio synchronization with email service providers has been optimized. All the parameters are collected in a single interface with the ability to configure OAuth authentication.


The rules for duplicates search have been upgraded for better performance.

Creatio can automatically update the age of your contacts:  Creatio display age in years

The [Age] column of the [Contacts] section runs daily at a specified time.

You can run the update at any time via the [Update the values in the 'Age' column] action.

Creatio will update the age of the contact automatically, whenever the value in the [Birth date] field is modified.


Mobile application

The updated Creatio app is now available on Google Play. It is designed for mobile devices running Android OS version 7.0 and up. The newest version features the ability to share the link to a record from the mobile app. Additionally, in Creatio 7.15.3, the synchronization process implemented in the mobile app is now more stable and as fast as the native data export.

Mobile Creatio 7.15.3



It is now much easier for system administrators to manage Creatio subscriptions and user roles. In the “System Users” section, the system administrator can issue and withdraw subscriptions in bulk as well as create a request for subscriptions and upload a file with subscriptions. Also, Creatio functional roles are now synchronized with Active Directory groups.


Development tools

Creatio now supports integration via the OData 4 protocol. This is an ISO/IEC-approved OASIS standard defining a set of best practices for building and using REST APIs. Additionally, developers now can benefit from new Creatio tools for reports customization with the FastReport Designer.

Detailed descriptions of all the new features and upgrades are available on Creatio Academy.  Read the release notes >>

The update guide is available in a separate article.

Here is a list of recent Creatio updates.


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