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A game-changer for organization transformation in higher education

The combination of CRM, or constituent relationship management, and BPM, or business process management in one digital solution is a game changer for higher learning institutions. Here is an overview of how Creatio CRM transforms staff productivity as well as the student and alumni experiences.

CRM for colleges and universities delivers a diverse toolset spanning sales, marketing, and service. Working in unison with any existing form of internal or external business communication, our CRM system for universities is a godsend for learners, alumni, and educators. From recruitment automation to learning management systems, our customer relationship management is very flexible.

As one platform that serves and is shared by every constituent-facing department, from admissions to advancement, Creatio gets rid of silos. The whole concept behind Creatio is to provide a 360-degree, lifetime view of each student, alum, and donor. But to help you see how it benefits each department, we’ll break it down here.


Admissions counselors need to see a history of all interactions with a prospective student. Creatio gives them a quick timeline view and also a space for notes where they can capture as much detail as they need and even include links and attachments. Notes are searchable. Staff also need to keep track of high school transcripts, test scores, and who is related to whom in family units. Creatio lets it all be entered into each student’s record and connects family records into a group. Then it can generate groups based on affiliation or anticipated time of enrollment.

Application listing for a group of students in an upcoming time period

 Applicant listing from Creatio for Higher Education


Drill down into student record - admission and related insights

Contact-Admissions detail information Creatio higher education


With Creatio’s inclusion of business process management, Admissions can create a progression of steps to lead both staff and students from first contact to application and acceptance. Many of these steps can be automated on the staff side using templates and customizable triggers. A dashboard can be configured to track the pipeline to conversions and show the warmth of interest for each student.  Next actions can be planned accordingly so that admissions counselors can use their time most productively.

Application (Yield) pipeline:

Applicant pipeline by stage Creatio Higher Education


When counselors are working from the field, they will need mobile device access to continue the new student recruitment and admission process on the spot, improving their productivity.

Creatio mobile for Higher Education

Creatio mobile for Higher Education

Tablet view- Creatio

Creatio mobile for Higher Education


Admissions will have been communicating with students through individual emails and texts, but Marketing needs all those addresses and phone numbers as well, in order to send out campaigns targeting various groups depending on their interests and where they are on the path to enrollment. It’s a waste of staff time, and less accurate, if fresh lists have to be created in a spreadsheet, downloaded, and uploaded to various other communications platforms. With Creatio, individual and mass communications can happen right in the interface, with visibility into who engaged with them and how.

This benefit to marketing and communications continues in conjunction with Student Services, Alumni Relations, and Advancement/Development as well.

Marketing analytics dashboard

Marketing analytics Creatio for Higher Education

Student Services

Once students are accepted, financial aid, student health services, campus life, and academics all relate to them in different ways, and they will be able to provide top-notch learning experiences because of that 360-degree view that has been accumulating in student records since their first contact with the school. Creatio’s low-code, no-code design makes it easily configurable to meet needs of each department with minimal attention from the IT support staff.

University staffs who up until now have had to manually generate reports and send warnings and other communication up will be relieved to know that Creatio can automate all these too.

Student contact details

Student contact record detail Creatio Higher Education

Alumni and Advancement

No new records need to be created when students graduate; they simply get reassigned a status as alumni. Since alumni are important for referrals of new students, community connections, and eventual donations to their alma mater, keeping their contact information up to date and maintaining a relationship with them is critical.

Dynamic folder of donations/donor activity

Donations-contracts All listing Creatio for higher education

Donor account detail

Account Details - Foundation - Creatio for Higher Education


Donor account timeline- chronological listing of historical interactions

Donor account timeline - Creatio for Higher Education


Donation analytics - donations per month - from new donors

Donations by Month-from new donors-Creation for Higher Education

Creatio includes functions that make it easy to engage alumni in social media, including LinkedIn, and track their engagement. Advancement/Development will want to track donations and analyze the success of various campaigns. In much the same way that Creatio provides a look at the student application pipeline, it can be configured to track progress toward conversion of a major gift or corporate sponsorship. No separate donor management system is needed.

It’s also important to note that Creatio fully integrates with however you are communicating externally or internally, including Google, Outlook, and Slack. So there is no need to leave Creatio to compose and send a message to someone, and the communication becomes part of their searchable history for future reference.

Calendar view

Calendar view - activities - Creatio for Higher Education

One platform, one source of information, one 360-degree view of each constituent. But Creatio is not one size fits all, because of the ease of adapting the low-code solution to each department’s needs. It works for you, not the other way around.

Digital transformation is indeed a game changer for higher education. Creatio CRM accelerates it.

As an experienced Creatio partner, we are excited about its potential benefit to your organization. Contact us to get your questions answered and accelerate your own transformation.   

Direct line: (269) 445-3001  Select

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