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Creatio CRM, Accelerate Business Transformation, CRM Business Case

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How Discovery and Relationship Lead to Customer Success

The Discovery and Relationship Starts

“We need a new solution in three weeks, and

we’re interested in Creatio.

Let's talk,” the email said.


“In our line of work, we have to prove that we followed our SOPs (standard operating procedures) for development and implementation projects, support cases, and turnaround times,” Gary Bennett told me when I followed up to his email within hours. He’s the president of Aspyra, a globally trusted vendor of medical imaging and laboratory solutions.

Cyberlab     MedView PACS


Gary’s medical device manufacturing business had been using Oracle’s NetSuite software, which includes CRM and various ERP / process management functions. But after eight years of history on that platform, they were unpleasantly surprised to get hit with a 30 percent price increase three weeks before their renewal date. Gary wasn’t having it. He had already been investigating other systems with an eye toward future growth, and he liked what he had seen of Creatio. Now, he decided, was the time to make the switch. “I reached out to three vendors,” he said, “and you (Success with CRM Consulting) were the only one who called me back.” He couldn’t afford to wait. Our swift response and helpful advice won him over.

As we sought clarity on Aspyra’s challenges, three stood out immediately:

  • The integrity and privacy of Aspyra’s data is integral to their SOPs and a primary concern Gary had deciding which vendor to work with.
  • He also wanted someone with experience transitioning from NetSuite to Creatio.
  • His timetable was short. We had three weeks to get him up and running on Creatio.

We could tell Gary that, yes, our firm had in fact previously taken clients through the transition to Creatio from systems like NetSuite and we had a variety of tools to connect and migrate data. We were able to maintain the integrity of Aspyra’s data as we built custom fields in the Creatio interface that Aspyra needed to prove to customers and governing bodies that they were indeed following every step of the stringent requirements and timetables for their industry.

The Solution is Implemented

“You really modified the system on the fly to receive the custom data from NetSuite,” Gary affirmed. We were able to build on Creatio’s out-of-the-box functionality to accomplish those customizations and still make Aspyra’s deadline for the change.

Because Creatio is designed with a citizen-developer-friendly low-code framework, Gary’s team will be able to make future modifications, in-house, at the speed of need when the market or their product lines require changes in their processes.

We have enjoyed our participation in this fast transformation at Aspyra.  Special appreciation goes out to great people at Aspyra who were able to dedicate resources to advance the migration in a timely fashion.


You can listen in as I share the story of how their needs were met by Creatio CRM’s functionalities at this link from Creatio's May 5th, 2021 webinar.

Feel free to contact me by email or phone: 269-445-3001


An introduction to accelerate business transformation


Topics:   Creatio CRM Accelerate Business Transformation CRM Business Case

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