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Create Effective E-Mail Marketing Campaigns for Infor cRM

Sage SalesLogix E-marketing gives your business CRM users the ability to reach out to their contacts, grow their database, qualify leads, empower sales teams, and automate sales and marketing practices.

Also you can put your customer and prospect interactions to work, sending actionable, "trackable" messaging at the appropriate time.


Benefits Snapshot

  • Implement low-cost, impactful campaigns that bring in more leads and revenue.
  • Automatically push hot leads to sales fast.
  • Gain valuable market and product insight to make better business decisions.
  • Streamline sales and marketing activities through automation


Capabilities Snapshot

Use Sage SalesLogix powerful filters and groups to target profitable prospects and customers

Create e-mail marketing messages using the simple online editor

Send in an instant or schedule to send at a later date

Send on behalf of account managers and executives so they don't have to, PLUS you can ensure the correct messaging, pricing, and branding!

Sample E-Mail Marketing Templates

  • Easy editing and publishing
  • Use the provided templates or upload your own
  • Choose from over 130 professional templates
  • Understand how each e-mail performs, click and open rates, most effective links, and more!




Examples that our clients have been using Sage e-marketing to achieve:

  • Create an email campaign for contacts about new changes occurring in funding sources for a financial services professional services firm.
  • Attract contacts for special events introducing new capabilities found in desktop virtualization available from a IT firm.
  • Communicating with prospects and clients in specific educational  messages to pass on best practices for product usage.
  • Updating interested prospects on how a transportation company handles hazardous materials.
  • Capturing interest and contact information from a lead through a web page informing the reader of a helpful ebook about sales effectivness.


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