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Greater Control over Sales Performance

Neil Rackam, Author of the very popular book, SPIN Selling, expressed it best: "There's an acute shortage of good books on the specifics of sales management. Cracking the Sales Management Code is about the practical specifics of sales management in the new era, and fills a void".

This book is for executives and sales managers who want greater control over sales performance. It is also helpful for a sales professional who needs to understand how they can focus on the activities that help to achieve the selling objectives defined by management. 


The book is based on new research on:

  • how world-class sales forces measure and manage their sellers

  • a best practice approach to identify and implement the critical activities and metrics that drive business results

  • how to effectively manage a sales force 

It is a must-read for anyone in sales management or sales operations who want to clarify the task of sales management and put in place the strategies, processes, tools, and metrics to proactively manage sales performance.

In our business of the design, implementation and support of CRM systems, like Saleslogix and ACT, we hear the struggles of sales management who have one of the most complex jobs in a company. This book helps sales managers with a methodology and framework so they canhelp their sellers focus on the right sales process, the right metrics and the right sales tools for their sales people to succeed.


From Amazon.com:

This book is essentially an operating manual for the sales force. It identifies the 5 fundamental sales processes that can be managed to create desired business outcomes, and it helps readers choose which of the processes are needed to achieve their own strategic objectives. It also provides examples of actual tools and frameworks for sales managers to use, and it gives straight-forward advice on how to change sales force behaviors while avoiding common pitfalls. This book will further help sales forces maximize the usefulness of CRM by defining 3 distinct levels of sales metrics:

  • those you can directly manage, 

  • those you can influence, and 

  • those that you can only hope to change. 


 Cracking the Sales Management Code - video introduction...


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