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Costs of an Ineffective CRM Starts Business Transformation

What are the "Costs" of an Ineffective CRM?

From our prospects comes this list of issues that their ineffective CRMCRM-Ineffectiveness caused before they became our clients.

What would be the critical tangible costs and the more personal intangible costs in your business?

  • Lost opportunities because sales management was unaware of the opportunity and could not provide the needed coaching and sales leadership.
  • Lost productivity because it was too difficult to lookup and maintain the basic customer and contact information--sometimes up to 4 screens and 16 clicks just to enter a new contact.
  • Concerned sales support team members would have too limited access to shared customer insights.
  • Upset customer service reps who want to help the customer more effectively but waste hours finding and coordinating disjointed information.
  • Inaccurate company information that could not be trusted, such as incomplete or missing contact names and undefined roles in buying decisions. 
  • Lost active customers because of incomplete contact personal information so target marketing could not effectively relate to them.
  • Upset customers with unrecorded service issues, and sales people walking into these customer businesses when the issues could have been captured as service tickets and the sales person quickly notified.
  • Inability to link to accounting information so sales people could easily see past customer purchases, spot sales trends and keep up to date with buying trends.
  • Sales people being forced to waste time recreating notes of their selling activity just for a sales call report that itself does not help sales management or move opportunities forward.
  • Good sales people leaving because useful sales tools are not there. No comprehensive CRM. No mobile access or web access that can be accessed 24 x 7.
  • Other sales people leaving and taking all the knowledge of the customer relationships with them because they did not use the CRM system to record past conversations, commitments and next actions with your prospects and customers.
  • An unsupported business CRM partner that didn't keep them informed of new capabilities and provide smart guidance for business improvement.
  • Inability to project any future revenue with a good degree of accuracy.
  • Frustrated sales people, sales managers and customer service reps who truly want to improve the business and customer experience.
  • Inability to easily create tailor made input forms, modify the core database or create new relational data tables, and modify business rules that relate to their way of doing business.
  • Marketing that does not reach ideal customers, is ineffective in generating quality leads and is not helpful to sales.
  • Inability to make smart timely decisions and the failure of 'guessing'.
  • A nonexistent sales forecast or one that is not trusted by business owners, resulting in either over-production inventory costs or upset customers with late shipments causing additional production costs.
We hear many of these issues and lost opportunities for improvement from prospective clients.  The business owner or sales manager will become frustrated and start looking for better options. They will find us using Google or they'll be referred to our CRM business firm. A conversation is started and a future client starts their journey to greater business success with CRM that will transform their business.

Business-Success-with-CRMLook to Success with CRM Consulting to partner with your business to get on a road to a better business future of attracting, growing and retaining profitable customers. 

Give Dick a phone call to start your conversation: 269-445-3001.



Topics:   Results Gained with CRM Adaptable CRM Make your business work smarter Strategic Business development

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