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Our-Way-Success-with-CRMI often hear the following key requirements from clients investigating CRM strategy and systems. We believe these relate to our core beliefs of what CRM must provide. Please comment on those that you find most important. 

CRM must become user engaging and provide value to people who use it: from the receptionist, the sales person, the customer service manager, to the business owner.

CRM must be ready to use out of the box, yet configurable.

CRM must integrate with email, contacts and tasks in Microsoft Outlook. No duplication of effort.

CRM must provide the ability to efficiently work with current technology and come from a major, progressive software publishing company. It must be able to run in Microsoft Windows, on the web and on a mobile device such as Blackberry.

CRM must be able to be customized and adaptable to track my company's specific data needs and work flow processes. A plus is that it shows me information about the customers buying cycle, payments and open issues.

CRM must integrate with electronic marketing for emailing, electronic newsletters, surveys, and web lead entry and provide full-blown nurtured drip marketing.

CRM must have ‘business success-oriented' people available to help me and my people during the discovery, design, implementation and support phases.

It must help me achieve my desired Customer Relationship Management outcomes....

We help entrepreneurs experience a more rewarding business and life by creating strategies to grow their business relationships and implement a CRM system that becomes a business asset.  Learn more about how you can work with us.



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