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Connect with 80% of Prospects- using Social Media

Say you have 50 prospects in your pipeline. Forty of them participate in social media in some way. So there is an 80% chance you have other ways to connect with that prospect.

A January 2010 report by Forrester Research Inc. categorizes social media participants into five categories--Creators, Critics, Collectors, Joiners, and Spectators-according to what they do online at least once a month.


Creators: 10 out of 40

According to Forrester findings, those forty prospects will include ten Creators, meaning they've created online content themselves. They published a website or blog, uploaded video or audio files to share, or written articles and posted them online. For example, our business, Success with CRM Consulting, and ourselves have social media profiles and generate related networking activity.

Critics: 15 out of 40

Fifteen of them are Critics: They've commented on other people's blogs, contributed to online forums, or posted reviews or ratings of products or services. Forrester reports that, for example, Linksys found a group of "super users" out there who are more than happy to provide independent, free support to their peers. Forums of  Creatio CRM product users do the same thing. Creatio User Community.

Joiners:  20 of 40

Half of the forty are Joiners. That means they maintain a profile on a social networking site such as LinkedIn or Facebook or at least visit these sites. By the way, people aged 55 years and older make up the fastest growing demographic of Facebook users, increasing by over 900 percent between 2009 and 2010. So much for the stereotype that social media is just for the young. 

Spectators:  29 of 40

Twenty-nine of the forty are Spectators. They read other people's blogs, websites, and reviews, listen to other people's webcasts, and watch other people's video.


Building Relationships 

Questions to Ask Yourself to Connect with MORE of your prospects: Just-what-I-wanted-CRM

What kind of social media participant are you? You can't engage with these customers if you aren't there.

Do you know what kinds of reviews people are posting about your business?  Google your products, your company name, even your name!

Could you learn something valuable by reading a collaborator's blog-or even a competitor's?  Gain new insights, perspectives and jog that brain.

Are you participating in the conversations about your industry or about the problems you can help solve?   Become known as a helpful expert.


Related Resources:

Forrester Research has a wealth of business intelligence reports that are available free with member access.  This is especially helpful for Marketing and Strategy Professionals and Technology Industry professionals.

What action are you now going to take?



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