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Some say it’s not good to compare. But in the case of figuring out the best way to maximize your company’s sales productivity and business growth, a comparison is a must. In this post, we’re going to compare Infor CRM to HubSpot CRM + Sales and HubSpot Pro (an extension of the free HubSpot CRM & HubSpot Sales system).

Why compare an established full customer relationship management system to a sales person productivity-focused software?

Because the real point of discussion is what system puts you in the best position to grow your business.

The logical route when thinking about sales productivity is to invest in a sales software system like HubSpot CRM +Sales. After all, it will help you build and automate sales processes and sales related operations, manage your sales pipeline, log sales activities, and ultimately help you to close more deals with less work and time.

On the other hand, a CRM system like Infor CRM gives your business the ability to cultivate the kind of customer relationships that make the jobs of your sales force easier by supporting their sales activities, but also offers the capability to capture information and customer interactions across your entire company and external sources. 

Let's compare Infor CRM and HubSpot CRM + Sales  and then HubSpot Pro.  This comparison can help you determine what each offers and how it aligns with the needs of your business and best integrates with how you do business. Do you want to focus solely on sales activities or take a more holistic approach and leverage strong customer relationships and maximize sales productivity?

HubSpot CRM & HubSpot Sales  

Sales software systems are generally designed with sales acceleration in mind.  This means that Hubspot CRM + Sales aims to help you perform your sales activities in less time with optimal results. You can think of the free HubSpot CRM as the database for managing contacts, companies and deals.  HubSpot Sales are a set of tools focused on improving sales productivity.

Hubspot CRM allows unlimited users, data, and up to a million contacts.  The software is Free.


  • Automated Personal Emails: ensure prospects don’t fall through the cracks by sending sequential emails that are delivered automatically

  • Create and Share Email Templates: turns common sales emails into templates that can be used by every member of your team 

  • Easy Follow Up: with email tracking your team will know when emails are opened and links are clicked 

  • Land More Meetings: Provide leads with a link that gives them control over meeting times.

  • Make Deals, Not Data Entries: All contact information, opened emails, and clicks are logged automatically

  • Track Your Pipeline: Queue up and make phone call inside your browser and log them into your CRM

  • Email Scheduling Prospects: schedule emails when you believe your prospects are most likely to read them

  • Documents: View who sees your documents and what they spend their time on and optimize and personalize your pitch

  • Inbox Profiles: Use CRM records, social media platforms, and company information to follow up with prospects inside your inbox

  • Task Management: Staying on top of to-dos is pivotal to your sales team’s success. Every missed follow-up is a lost chance at a connection with your prospects and customers. functionality to boot. Staying on top of to-dos is pivotal to your sales team’s success. Every missed follow-up is a lost chance at a connection with your prospects and customers.


Discover New Leads Faster

  • Uncover New Leads: Find out who visits your website, when they visit, and where their interest lies

  • Connect With More Leads: Know when a lead opens your email, clicks on a link, or download a document so that you follow up when you have their attention

  • Close Deals Faster: Land more meetings by sending a customized link for your prospect to choose the time for a meeting

  • Manage Your Pipeline: Setup your sales pipeline in the way that your sales people sell day-to-day.

 HubSpot Sales Activity Stream.jpg


The HubSpot Sales extension adds features to your email client, outside of the CRM. This extension can be added to Chrome, for use with Gmail or it can also be added to Outlook for desktop. Learn how to install the extension here.

After installing, to use the HubSpot Sales extension:

  • Compose a new email in your email client
  • In the email compose window, you will have access to Templates, Sequences and Documents.
  • You can also enable email tracking, as well as log the email in your CRM.




HubSpot Sales Pro

The Sales Pro edition contains the features of the free HubSpot CRM + Sales and adds powerful tools to supercharge every stage of your inbound sales process.  Use the free version with the basics you need to adopt an effective, efficient inbound sales process then move the full-time sales professionals up to the Pro edition.

The Pro edition is priced at $50 per user per month.


Who is HubSpot Sales Pro made for?

CRM users roles typically using the Pro edition are Business Development Rep, Inside sales rep, Account executive, Account manager or Renewal management.


HubSpot Sales Pro tools help you connect with the right people, at the right time, and with the right message. Tools like sales automation, meeting scheduling, and prospecting help power up your sales process, giving you more time to focus on selling.

Sales Acceleration Tools - navigation items:

  • Notifications will bring you to your email tracking activity stream. This may be Microsoft Outlook 365 or Google Gmail.
  • Templates contains all of the email templates created by you and your team. Go here to create new templates, or view performance metrics. These templates can be used when crafting emails to contacts either in the CRM or in your email client.
  • Sequences are used to follow up with a prospect over time and makes it easy to keep up a timed series of emails based off your template that gets sent exactly when you want. Sequences brings you to a dashboard listing all of the Sequences created by you or your team. Come here to craft a new Sequence, or edit one that already exists. Enrolling a contact in a Sequence will take place on a contact records in the CRM or in your email client.
  • Documents shows a listing of all the documents added by you or your team, as well as document performance. You can add new documents here, or share one that already exists. Once again, documents can also be added when crafting an email in the CRM or in your email client.
  • Prospects helps you identify contacts visiting your web site and gives you insight in how engaged they are. You'll see individuals for a company and what pages they are viewing. Prospects contain 3 elements: a website visit activity stream, HubSpot's Company Insights database and a News/Events stream.
  • Messages allows you to engage with web site prospects in real time through live chat. As prospects engage with your sales team every discussion is logged automatically to the prospect's timeline.
  • Meetings is a personalized booking system that will present you with a dashboard of all the default Meeting links, as well as any others that you may have created. Go here to create new Meetings links or modify Meetings settings. Meetings links can be copied directly from this page, or added into you email templates.
  • Call Queue contains a list of contacts that you have added to the call queue. From this page, you can add more contacts to the queue, or start calling. Contacts can be added to the Call Queue from their contact record as well.


Enhancement NOTE:

HubSpot Marketing: For further reach HubSpot’s third option is Sales + CRM + Marketing. The addition of Marketing automation allows you to track leads from first point of contact to well through the buying cycle, even beyond the closed sale.

As can be seen, HubSpot Sales Pro offers quite a bit to help accelerate sales. They also recognize the gaps that have to be closed by offering their CRM and Marketing product as there are more people involved in the sales process than just the sales person. There are also those that go on to manage the customer account and provide support after the sale, as well as marketing associates who could use pertinent customer information to better market to prospects and existing customers.

Now let’s take a look at Infor CRM.

Infor CRM

Infor CRM gives businesses the opportunity to manage the full customer lifecycle while accounting for future sales opportunities with marketing analytics and reporting, as well as tools to provide exceptional customer service. With tools, features, and customizations.


  • Customization Tools: provides personalization capabilities for end users to meet strategic business goals

  • Mobile Customer Intelligence: offers contextual key performance indicators, charts, and menus included that help you work smarter, not harder

  • Sync with Gmail: sync your emails, contacts, tasks, and calendars between systems

  • Xbar for Outlook: display, create, and work with your contacts, activities, opportunities, and more

  • Social Features: helps you enhance customer engagement and connect to popular social media platforms

  • Multiple Attendees per Activity: adds multiple contacts, leads, and users to your activities and history

  • Enhanced Reporting and Analytics: offers analytics that help you drive more insightful customer interactions


Salesperson Productivity Tools

Infor CRM offers your sales teams tools and flexibility to simplify their sales process and save valuable time. 

  • Account and contact management

  • Opportunity management

  • Sales process automation

  • Quotes & orders

  • Calendar & activity management

  • Sales productivity tools

  • Alerts & notifications

  • Sales forecasting

  • MS Office & Outlook integration

  • Back office integration

  • Rich Mobility client for smartphones and tablets






Infor CRM allows your business to bring in high-quality leads and manage strategic and profitable campaigns. Tools and features like the ones below help your business deliver a strong ROI on your marketing activities.

  • Segmentation & Groups

  • Campaign Management

  • Campaign Response Tracking

  • Lead Management

  • Reporting & Analysis

  • Marketing Resource Library

  • Application Integration


InboxGuru is the Infor CRM Marketing Automation add-in we recommend that works right inside Infor CRM. (SalesFusion is also integrated with Infor CRM)

Key Features 

  • Fully integrated email marketing with Infor CRM
  • Leverages Infor ad-hoc and dynamic groups
  • Easy to build multi-step drip email campaigns
  • Lead capture and web forms integration
  • Pre-built lead scoring
  • Website visitor tracking and web analytics
  • Lead management and lead alerts

InboxGuru is an affordable add-in to Infor CRM...


InboxGuru Drip Campaign Statistics

Drip Campaign Statistics.jpg

Customer Service & Support

To drive retention, loyalty, and word-of-mouth referrals, Infor CRM provides you with a holistic view of customer information and interactions by providing quality service and support.

  • Ticket Management

  • Returns & Defects

  • Service Contract Management

  • Speed Search/Knowledge Base

  • Alerts & Workflow Automation

  • Reporting & Analytics


Analytics & Reporting

Infor CRM Analytics and reporting allows decision makers to make informed decisions based on the clear, accurate, and relevant data produced from the system.

  • Standard Reports Specific to the Sales, Marketing, and Customer teams

  • Groups & Filters

  • Configurable Dashboards

  • Advanced Analytics

  • Marketing Dashboards

  • Support Dashboards

While it’s clear that both software systems provide a ton of features and benefits, the true comparison is in whether you are looking to only accelerate sales or maximize and leverage the roles of every department in your business toward goal of growing your business.

One fact that has to be considered is that when you are able to identify the right leads, create and manage strong customer relationships, and share customer data throughout each of your major business units, creates organizational synergy. A holistic approach, while a larger endeavor, can prove to be a worthwhile endeavor to long-term business growth.

Next: Comparison of out-of-box features between Infor CRM and HubSpot 


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