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CRM for the sales person, first....

Bpm'online sales is the all-in-one sales solution that helps small to medium sales teams grow their revenue by creating a human-friendly experience for sales reps and the people they are selling to.  It includes sales acceleration and productivity features that seamlessly integrate with the rep's Inbox (Outlook/Gmail), and bpm'online marketing.

Bpm'online Sales is focused on power of collaboration found in a sales team.  Teams make happier, stickier, and more successful customers. This system is focused on actual growth and value.  Tactics like email guessing, web scaping, and purchasing lists can fuel a fire -- but not one that's built to last.  Bpm'online Sales is designed to strengthen relationships, build trust, and create genuine value for sales teams and the people they are selling to.  It is a People-First Customer Relationship and Sales System.


Bpm'online Sales is all about bringing a human connection to an industry that's historically been seen as smarmy, untrustworthy, and generally disliked.  We can contest to the fact that bpm'online has been on a mission to create a delightful, convenient, and enjoyable experience for buyers and the sales teams that are selling to them. 


Grow Revenue While Working Smarter 

Bpm'online Sales does more than just boot productivity and accelerate sales.  This solution help sales teams generate more revenue and less time manually updating records along with reaching out with prospects and customers.

Saving time at every stage of the funnel:

  • Automate Outreach Without Being Impersonal

Queue up a sequence of personalized follow-up emails and reminders that get delivered automatically.

  • Create and Share Email Templates

Eliminate manual entry as every lead's contact info, email opens, and clicks get logged automatically.

  • Follow Up Flawlessly- with automated workflow

Get notified the instant a prospect opens an email, clicks a link, or opens an attachment for a timely, relevant follow up. 

  • Land More Meetings

Eliminate back and forth emails and missed calls by sending a link that lets your leads pick a time that works for both of you.

  • Make Deals, Not Data Entries

Eliminate manual entry as every lead's contact info, email opens, and clicks get logged automatically.

  • Track Your Entire Pipeline

Seamlessly track deals won, lost, and in progress, and to see which reps are your best performers (and why).


Video: Generate leads, close deals, and manage your pipeline with bpm'online sales.


Get that 360-full view of your contacts.

Easily reach out to and make an impactful connection.

The contact view with contact and company details provide quick links for relationship building tasks such as add new, send/view emails, make a phone call with option to save the voice recording, log an activity, create a task action or schedule future follow up

bpm'online mobile- contact detail view


Contact detail bpmonline mobile


Easily view your sales deals and move an opportunity forward with a click.

bpm'online dynamic sales process for an opportunity

Opportunity-sales process next steps


We invite you to have a conversation from us to discover if bpm'online sales fits your needs to close more sales deals with less work.


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