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Change the way technology works with Infor ION

Who would not want to have a much easier way to:

  • Drive productivity
  • Eliminate informational silos
  • Improved exception management and
  • Achieve unparalled end-to-end effectiveness?

It can be done with Infor ION... and integration with Infor CRM, Ming.le and

Infor related ERP solutions.



Purpose-built middleware. 

If your business is like most, the organizational systems you use have evolved over time, creating a complicated technology landscape. Disconnected systems and information silos result in inefficiencies, costly maintenance requirements, and ultimately—missed opportunities.

Easily integrate both Infor and third-party software applications with Infor's innovative Intelligent Open Network (ION). This purpose-built middleware solution provides a simple but powerful and scalable framework, allowing you to eliminate operational silos, dramatically improve exception management, and achieve unparalleled end-to-end efficiency.

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Change the way technology works with Infor ION

Simplicity and efficiency are the driving forces behind Infor ION. The technology is inspired by the internet, which is the most scalable and integrated application ever designed. If one application goes down, the internet doesn't go down with it. It is built to be every bit as open and resilient.

ION technology allows systems to be easily integrated through a platform that provides heavyweight functionality on a lightweight and adaptable framework. The platform loosely couples systems together so they speak the same language but are not dependent upone each other. Much like the Internet, one application can be upgraded, replaced, or even fail without taking down the entire network.

With Infor ION, all applications publish in XML, the language of the internet; and every business event or transaction produces an XML document that's published and subscribed to by every application that uses that document.  Based on OAGIS standards, Infor ION creates an inverted model for enterprise applications that moves them away from huge, complex middleware stacks. The result can be summed up in one word—harmony.

Advantages - with Infor ION you'll be able to:

  • Easily integrate both Infor and third party software applications.
  • Create workflows and alerts that dramatically improve exception management.
  • Design, standardize, monitor, or change any business process without IT involvement.
  • Connect applications to the actions that take place outside of them.
  • Easily monitor your entire business and make better decisions faster.

Best-in-class solutions:

Infor ION enables intelligent business operations by simplifying integration between disparate systems, while combining contextual business intelligence, common reporting and analysis, streamlined workflow and business monitoring in a single, consistent architecture. The solution also unifies reporting services, mobile services, and cloud services into one elegant network built on four principal elements:

Infor ION Workflow
Get a framework to create, standardize, and monitor business processes, and make changes without needing IT involvement.

Infor ION Event Management
Take a proactive approach to identifying and resolving problems with rule-based notifications and alerts that are automatically delivered to the employees who need them.

Infor ION Pulse
Get a flexible, lightweight messaging system that moves information through the ION network between your connected applications and components of the ION system, allowing your systems to work together more effectively.

Infor Enterprise Search
Quickly, easily, and securely search your enterprise data in Infor and non-Infor systems with this intuitive application that is similar to popular Internet search engines.

Infor ION Technology Connector
Integrate Infor and non-Infor applications with minimal effort and minimize the disruption and complexity of upgrades by decoupling your integrations.


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