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Candle-life-of-your- customerCould your light burn brighter for the life of your business?

Is the light of your business growing brighter?  

Does your business warm the hearts of your employees and management team as you measure their engagement?

Are they fully engaged in providing a "light" to guide prospects as they navigate through your business systems and policies?

Do customers have a satisfying feeling when they think of their last experience with the people, the services and the products from your company?   Better yet, do they get a warm feeling when your company name is even mentioned?

When prospects thinks about solving their business needs - do they immediately come to your business?

Do your clients recommend your business, and does it come top of mind when they are referring others?

Is your sales staff enlightened to help the 'buyer buy' and follow the buying process instead of staying on the first focus on your "selling process?"


Options -  more brighter lights


The life of your business can shine even brighter. The fact is that it will require change to grow and improve.

To reach predictable success, better integrated systems and business processes are required - to an extent.  This may mean a big change to the people involved in your business: employees, management team, business partnerships and, yes, owners/founders.

If your business seems to be a boat that is rocking too much side to side as it traverses its organizational development cycles - it is time for a change.  Are the decision makers aware of your current situation?

Are you noticing an increase in the frequency or seriousness of customer service issues?

Is customer follow-up and response to prospects slower than before?

Does the sales cycle take too long for a prospective customer to say yes?

Is there a decrease in customer satisfaction ratings and long support times?

Worse yet, is there an increase in lost customers?

A successful growing business will need a well honed business relationship system for managing relationships among the various people:  Prospects, customers, employees, managers, vendors, business alliances, executive management, etc.


A system is built with a core set of goals to be delivered and is made up of  components that all function as a unit.  

CRM - Customer Relationship management is the system used by successful businesses to continue their movement to predictable success- and to help them maintain that success for years.   Thus your business is an appreciating asset that holds years of business knowledge that you can tap whenever needed.

A successful CRM system has requirements in the achievement of this desired success.  {Much simpler than landing a rover on a planet}


Adaptability for a changing business environment:

Make sure the business management system you implement has this functionality:

Ability to enhance relationship development with social media.  This creates strong associations with other people related to your business and that of your customers.

Ability to link to industry trends and perform Google searches based on the contact's key characteristics: industry, products, demographics...

Ability to stay TOP of MIND with prospective and current customers.  In today's world this is easily accomplished with electronic media and social networking.

Ability to track prospective and current customer feedback to your communications, web page visits, and other calls to action.

Ability to easily survey the marketing actions and customer service actions performed to measure effectiveness.  This helps you to better understand their behavior, their loyalty, and their refer ability.

Ability to integrate with other systems:  Accounting, Production, Inventory, Distribution, etc.

Ability to be accessible 24 x 7 x 365 and use web and mobile technology. 

Additionally, the ability to personalize your way of doing business, your terminology, and your business operations.



The light of your business now and in the future can glow brightly.   A business development strategy requires a relationship management system focused on attracting and acting decisively.

How strong is the candle of life for your business?

More about achieving Predictable Success, here including helpful videos by Les. 


Ready to start in your discovery of a better way to achieve predictable success and deliver remarkable customer experiences?  Let's chat.



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