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hOk - so you are a small business owner of a $350,000 to $15,000,000 annual revenue business. There never seems to be enough time each day to get what you want to accomplish moved to DONE.

A December 2015 survey of business owners working with TAB - The Alternative Board indicate that 63% of then are working 50+ hours per week but they really only "want" to work 42 hours.  

Only 34% feel that they are working in that all important quadrant of Important and urgent.  73% would prefer to spend their time working ON the business as "owner' instead of working Inside the business like an employee. 




Time steals our accurate collection of thoughts.  Time steals the Insight and personal connection details. Time is a thief of Focus,  read more. 


A key asset of your business is the knowledge and operational processes found in a well-used CRM system. With a well-used CRM you'll find answers to how well your business is doing from a productivity standpoint.



Business analytics from CRM can make decisions faster and you'll be better informed, reducing time needed to find information, easily using groups for trends and filtering to drill into what is actually occurring.

Successful business small, medium and large can transform their business by helping your customers succeed.


Do you have a well-used CRM system in place so you can do more of the good work "On" your business?


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