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Foundational CRM

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Business is like baseball: People and systems plus CRM for the win

Business is like baseball.

You can’t play baseball and expect to win without rules of the game – a structure – and a team of talented people.

Business, too, requires both people and systems to achieve ongoing, sustainable, scalable success.

A wise CRM strategy supports both, as you build your business in a highly competitive environment.

People and Systems for Consistent Success

Systems: Even all-star players need the structure of rules. Otherwise, imagine the frustration and chaos on the field. Consistent excellence demands that you can replicate process steps repeatedly and predictably. Documenting and creating workflows not only provides the path to get work done; it also communicates the value of efficiency to your staff, frees them to direct their thinking skills to more high-level tasks, and tells your customers what kind of service they can expect.

People: Systems don’t work without people. And not just any people. You need people who are aligned, up and down and laterally. People who share your values and vision, who are all pulling in the same direction, will not tend to break the alignment by creating cliques or siloing themselves. They will also possess a growth mindset and welcome learning from each other.  When selecting a CRM consider the people first.

Combining the right systems and people truly does produce a win, season after season. The synergy extends both directions. A good structure will attract quality people because they know it creates an environment where creativity flourishes instead of chaos and where they can shine. And as Ilene Frahm says in her article called “The Dance Between People and Systems” for EMyth, “Substance is what your team brings to your systems. The spirit, attitudes, skills and experience of your employees bring your business systems to life.”

Creatio CRM: Made to Accelerate People and Systems

Creatio, formerly known as bpm’online until the name was changed last year, is a powerful, elegant solution that combines CRM with business process management. Businesses like yours find it to be the ideal tool to manage both people and systems for the greatest possible transformation. Instead of using several different platforms and hoping you can get them all to talk to each other, Creatio’s one platform can handle business processes for multiple teams, from the back office to marketing and sales to customer service, all focused on a seamless, optimal user experience for staff and customers. It comes pre-loaded with some processes, but those just get you started. Because it’s a low-code app, the options for customization are almost limitless, without the need for IT staff to be involved at every turn. It’s designed to empower you to improve your unique business processes and implement new ideas quickly and easily.

Get people and systems both right, and your company can hit home runs and compete with the best. How well are your people and systems working together to achieve your vision? Where can they be better aligned?

Our partnerships with clients begin by exploring these questions and more.

Like baseball the metrics matter for a winning team


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