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Business Intelligence Made Easier with Creatio Analytics

A smart business will use the tools and systems to continually get better - to grow smarter and faster.  

According the Gartner:

“Analytical CRM, which includes predictive analytics and segmentation applications, grew close to 9% and represented nearly 25% of CRM spending.” *


“Organizations will need to become better at exploiting and managing higher volumes of customer data, and at increasing their use of analytics to keep pace with the empowered consumer.” *

Slice and Dice to give you answers Instantly

Make informed business decisions and shape strategic priorities based on actionable analysis.

Analytics built within Creatio CRM lets you filter your data interactively, and gives you answers instantly. It also lets you rapidly create clear and concise, yet sleek and colorful visualizations in the form of bar charts, cross tables, scatter plots and many more valuable tools that will help you respond to events that affect your business.

Creatio bpmonline mobile on iPad


With a simple click or drag of the mouse cursor data can be visualized using filters and folders.  In this case opportunities can be filtered by any combination of estimated close year, status, sales process stage, opportunity type, and close probability.  Additionally there are filters for opportunity manager, state or country of account, Lead source, account status, account type, sales process     

Grouping filter conditions of opportunity section list

Share Results and Move beyond Static Reporting

Additionally dashboard analytics lets you share your results.  Static reports can be limiting to good business in this fast-paced world of data. Creatio analytics allows you to create dynamic dashboards that help you ask new questions, as well as be able to quickly turn your reports into instant presentations to show to your colleagues and customers. 



Creatio business intelligence and analytics makes it easy for you to access, analyze and create dynamic report on your CRM and related data. It delivers immediate value whether you are a market researcher, a sales representative, a business owner or a process engineer by letting you quickly identify trends and patterns in our critical business data.

Creatio opportunities Kanban Stages dashboard

Analyze and Visualize Your Whole Business

Besides your sales, customer service, contact and account data from Creatio CRM analytics can access data in a number of places such as your desktop or in a network file system.  It can even access your data if it is located in remote databases, without you having to involve your IT department each time you wish to ask a new question.


Example of an Opportunity sets of dashboards from Creatio CRM:


Why choose Creatio CRM with built-in analytics?

  • Make informed business decisions and shape strategic priorities  based on actionable analysis.
  • Extend your competitive advantage by focusing attention and resources on the most profitable business activities.
  • Enable users at every level to gain the insights they need to identify drivers of and barriers to success.
  • Increase organizational and customer intelligence by analyzing CRM-related data from across your business.


*Gartner Report:  “What’s ‘Hot’ in CRM Applications in 2011”  17 March 2011.  Ed Thompson, Michael Maoz, Kimberly Collings, Michael Dunne. 

Contact Dick, 269-445-3001 for a conversation about how Creatio analytics and business intelligence can take your business to the next level. 


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