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Business Blogging is  a valuable strategic tool in business relationship development.

Conservations-blogging-CRM-ConsultantThe primary power of your business blog is its ability to engage in one-to-many conversations, affecting a multitude of relationships.  Provide some type of value with content that allows the reader to learn something new.

I have found that a blog is very helpful in starting the "Know-Like-Trust" relationship process. The blog adds multiplied value throughout this entire process.


My "Why a Business Blog is Important" article explains the benefits of having a business blog:

It is a tool to connect your business to your customers, your prospects and anyone searching for the keywords you are focusing upon.

It makes your business real to your customers.  Your personality comes through and the value of your published content extends who you are and what your business is about.

It provides valuable resources to your readers, displays your expert status and in doing so helps to pre-qualify leads if the reader wants to go farther.

You receive feedback on the content that readers open and, better yet, the feedback to blog articles as comments.

It increases your Internet presence (SEO) and makes it much easier to be found on page one of search results.  


There are different styles of blogging. Knowing the 25 basic styles of blogging and when to use each one, the basic styles of blogging, and when to use each one is important in business relationship development. 


A business blog business blog is one component of a skillful marketing plan. Since a blog is permission-based, it is a useful Inbound Marketing tool for attracting new business.


Also, as a business blogger with an active business blog in production, I gain focus on regularly delivering quality content - whether you are a new visitor, a returning reader, a blog subscriber or client.


I can personally testify that this Business Success with CRM blog has produced all the above benefits.  This blog focuses on helping entrepreneurs and business professionals become more successful with the use of a CRM strategy and system.  Their CRM system provides the knowledge database of all the business relationships developed.  The CRM database becomes an appreciating asset---- something of extra value to the business owner.


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Let me know in the comments section below if you have an interesting blog that your fellow readers should check out.

What value have I missed that you have found from Business blogging and building business relationships?


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