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In addition to solving unique business challenges, Mobile CRM offers unique benefits for the organization because it:

Integrates the mobile user into the core processes and procedures established as part of the CRM initiative by allowing them to work the way their business environment requires.  This makes it easy for mobile users to utilize a CRM system that empowers them and translates into increased effectiveness and greater job satisfaction. 

Improves the quality and timelines of the customer data added to the CRM system.  Making it easier for mobile users to input data means more data will be added to the customer record, and therefore data will be more timely, accurate, and complete.

More Time to Sell:

Streamlines and even accelerates sales or service processes

as information can be immediately retrieved or requested.  It also improves the mobile user's ability for on-the-spot problem solving.  Many to-do's and follow-up action items that used to be done offline can be eliminated as problem resolution can be initiated in real time.


Increases customer satisfaction 

through greater responsiveness from the field professional and customer service and support, especially through streamlining urgent questions and requests onto the appropriate parties.

Increases revenue for field sales teams

by moving opportunities through the pipeline more efficiently.  And, these greater efficiencies and productivity mean that the mobile sales professional has the flexibility to visit more clients and close more deals, sooner.



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