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Recently Erik Tavenner from Infor wrote an important article on 3 benefits of CRM that point out the essence of the value of CRM in building trust, gaining loyalty and engaging customers.  We'd like to share this with our readers.  Also note the additional resource links listed at the end.



3 Benefits of CRM

In a world where everyone is fighting for attention and then trying to keep it, companies need to put the customer first in order to build trust, gain loyalty and engage in a meaningful way.  It’s no longer enough to simply connect with your customer and expect that you will be met with willingness to do business – you have to earn it.  Using CRM is key to helping you do just that.

Here are 3 key benefits of using CRM that will put you on the road to building lasting relationships with your customers.

1. Building trust

The best way to build trust with anyone is by listening, understanding and responding appropriately.  With CRM Just-what-I-wanted-CRM-1.pngyou can:

  • Record notes that are easily accessible for reference in future conversations.
  • Access customer information across departments for full visibility into their account and actions.
  • Anticipate any issues or concerns based on up-to-date information.
  • Provide guidance and recommendations based on account history.

2. Gaining loyalty

Gain loyalty by providing efficient and customer-centric service for new or existing customers by:

  • Creating intelligent profiles about the customer, both at the account and contact level, which enables customer service to do a great job. If they have the right information about the customer, they will know the right actions to respond.
  • Leveraging the data collected during Sales and Service interactions to build cross-sell and up-sell marketing campaigns that are relevant to the customer. Using a CRM database with good data enables marketing to:
    • Access intelligent profiles
    • Filter and sort the right customers to target a specific message
    • Use connected ERP data to build target lists based purchase history

3. Engaging customers

Connecting with your customers in a relevant and meaningful way will raise the level of engagement.  Understanding the current state of their business will help you build a sales strategy that will have the biggest impact based on truly knowing your customer. CRM allows you to:

  • Look at the customer with a shared view across the organization.
  • Better serve them based on their specific needs.
  • Be consultative in your selling approach, not transactional

Using CRM is critical to success in today’s internet economy. Customers are one Google search away from finding competitors, but if you use CRM effectively, they may have no reason to search.

Written by: Erik Tavenner, Solutions Consultant, Infor

See more at: http://blogs.infor.com/infor-cx/2017/03/crm-benefits.html#sthash.mxqtydE4.dpuf

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