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Creatio with their low-code CRM has created a helpful video for "Building integrations with Creatio - methods, tools, best practices"



Options include:

Data service and OData are available out-of-the-box.  Nothing else to install.

  • Data Service
    • Very powerful endpoint service for querying data, inserting data, updating data, deleting data, and other batch transactions.
    • Preferred over OData is the additional functionality is needed.
    • The DataService web service of Creatio is a RESTful (Representational State Transfer, REST) service. RESTful data management interface does not require converting data to an external format, such as XML. In a simple RESTful service, each information unit is determined by a global Identifier such as URL. Each URL, in its turn, has a strictly specified format. This is not an optimal way to transfer large arrays of data.
    • With the use of the DataService, the data can be automatically configured in various data formats such as XML, JSON, HTML, CSV, and JSV. The data structure is determined by data contracts. A complete list of data contracts used by the Data Service can be found in the "DataService" article.
  • OData  
    • Easier to consume and use than Data Service
    • Simpler to use than Data Service with a similar experience to building a structured query when you don't need the capability of Data Service.
    • There are helpful libraries available to help with OData integration.
    • Creatio supports OData 3 and OData 4 protocols. OData 4 replaces OData 3 and considerably enhances the capacity of the previous protocol. 
  • Custom Configuration Web Service
    • Most comprehensive because you have access to the full .Net platform when calling the endpoint.
    • It is more complex because you have to build your own endpoint, write some code and perform more developer technical actions.

Link for Integration examples

Other helpful resources include:


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