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"Customer journey" is a road map marketers use to guide prospects from first touch, to sustained interest, to eventual purchase. But at times, engagement tactics become an annoyance and deterrent. To create an ideal journey, consider aspects that define and sustain a satisfying experience.

Thoughtful engagement

Meeting customers’ needs during the engage phase will set the tone and expectations for their experience with your brand. Understanding their preferences, whether it’s the channel by which they communicate or the specific product feature that will solve their need, is key to engagement that will extend into the next stage.

Chair icon41% of C-Suites executives have included a company in an RFP opportunity because of thought leadership. 1
Brain icon84% of people expend brand content to entertain, tell stories, provide solutions, and create experiences and events. 
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Personalized web experiences get double digit growths in marketing performance and response. 


Nurture to win

Word of mouth and other forms of consumer-driven online marketing increase in importance as buyers get close to a purchase.

  • 37% of shoppers say that when they're attempting to evaluate what products to purchase, other customers are the most influential agents.
  • 60% want to connect with sales during the consideration stage, after they've reached the options and comp up with a short list. 4
  • 78% of consumers say personally relevant content increases their purchase intent. 


Convert and advocate

The convert phase might be a last step in the marketing funnel, but it's nowhere near the end of the customer experiences.  This is where customers evaluate the service they've been given, spread the word about your business, and, if you do it right - decide to work with you again.

  • By 2020 - customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator .6
  • Companies that excel at customer experience grow revenues 4 - 8% above the market.  6


Customer journey essentials to success

  1. Deliver high-value educational content that engages prospects as they research
  2. Use the marketing technology to track visitor behavior and engagement to personalize content.
  3. Develop a comprehensive picture of prospect's behavior and interaction with your brand's communication platforms.
  4. Use real-time analytics and interaction technology to deliver relevant offers at the right time in the buying process.
  5. Never stop communicating high-value information to customers, even after you've closed the sale.
  6. Integrate your support, sales, operations, and marketing to develop a full picture of how the customer experiences your brand.
  7. Always stay customer-centric in how you design and develop products and services.  


With customers in command, it's important now more than ever to be smarter and make deeper connections to put forth a connected and complete customer journey that fosters engagement.   Download how to guide:  5 ways to ensure a consistent customer experience.

Select a customer relationship development system that delivers purpose-built service, sales and marketing solutions that enable organizations to drive consistent, exceptional, and personal experiences over any channel across the entire customer life cycle.


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