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Build Strong Relationship with Clients - CRM for Professional Services

A cutting-edge CRM software to help companies stay ahead of the competition.

Previously we have mentioned the joys of relationship development and management that is found in dealing with professional service firms.  Business successes are built upon the deep and caring relationships with your clients - of providing value in dealing with one another.  Having a valuable CRM system goes a long way in achieving that objective.

Bpm'online CRM for service providers drives efficient sales operations and allows companies to automate customer-facing business processes. This professional CRM system helps to consolidate data about clients, increase sales management effectiveness, plan and manage projects by roles, terms, stages, time planned vs actually spent, as well as manage human resources.

Professional Services bpm online

Project Management and Collaboration

Leverage bpm’online to efficiently collaborate on projects, set project deadlines, manage costs, assign tasks to owners or teams:

  • Plan workload, deploy business processes to assign tasks and resources
  • Calculate fees based on employee internal and external rates
  • Automatically calculate costs of services, track all additional expenses, analyze project’s profitability






Human Resource Management

Use bpm’online to keep all information about your employees and teams in one place:

  • Create and maintain a complete employee database
  • Set and track team schedules
  • Monitor list of activities for staff, track workloads and project roles
  • Set up internal and external rates, use rates for automated billing




Customer Management                                       

Create a single database of all accounts and contacts you work with and build a 360-degree view of your clients:

  • Collect vital client data via multiple channels
  • Use multiple criteria to segment clients
  • Keep track of communication history
  • Enrich your clients profiles with the information from open sources
  • Analyze your client database to identify new opportunities 



Sales and Marketing Management04_sales-and-marketing-management_0

Take advantage of bpm’online’s extended capabilities for marketing and sales management:

  • Create and launch multichannel marketing campaigns
  • Automate sales processes, expand opportunities for cross sales
  • Track history for each opportunity, select the best sales strategy
  • Keep track of the client agreement terms fulfillment





Contact us and let us demonstrate how bpm’online could benefit your business.

Office: 269-445-2001

Dick Wooden  Dick@SuccesswithCRM.com

Julie Cooper  Julie@SuccesswithCRM.com


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