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Breakout of the typical customer experience - using CRM

Compare the typical customer experience to what the customer actually desired

This Temkin Group video shows the importance of emotion when it comes to an organization's approach to customer experience. Visit the Customer Experience Matters blog for more information on emotion: https://experiencematters.wordpress.com/

If your customer happens to be robots well you have nothing to worry about but if your customers are human then you need to care about their emotions.



In this video example the customer's problem was fixed and the service ticket closed, but the customer wasn't happy.  The company lost sight of a critical component of the experience - neglecting emotion happens all too often.   


In this scenario the representative activated in a way that created a positive emotional experience for the customer.  Even the most dire situations present an opportunity to focus on a customer's emotional experience but most companies don't think enough about it.

Comments about this experience can be easily recorded in your company's CRM system. Experience characteristics and categories can be added easily, so the service agent can quickly identify the experience from the customer's standpoint.

Another option a client of ours uses is performing follow up telephone surveys.  The CSR experience manager reaches out to the customer's contact person for the service request and has a pin pointed conversation. Metrics are gathered to find patterns for improvement by management.  Behavior and processes improve and customers are happier!

Return on Investment

A positive emotional experience is not only better for the customer, it's better for the company. How your customer feels about an interaction is the most significant drive of customer loyalty compared with customers who have a poor emotional experience.  Those with a positive experience customers

  • are more than 6 times as likely to purchase again

  • are more than 12 times as likely to recommend your company

  • are more than 5 times as likely to forgive your company's mistakes


A Well-Used CRM system includes:

Customer Relationship Tracking – provide a better and more focused customer service by having all aspects of the account in one place.

Service Resolution – Create and track trouble-tickets to give customers the solutions they need. Use prior information from your knowledge database to solve reoccurring issues faster and more completely.

Defect Tracking- Continuously improve your products and keep customers up–to-date on the latest issues and resolutions.

Online Customer Support – Provide an easy way for customers to create and track trouble tickets online.

Accounts Receivable notification – Increase cash flow by automatically notifying customers and your Customer Service department of past due invoices, expiring contracts, etc.

Nurturing Marketing campaigns that help educate your content readers and demonstrate the value your offering provides.

So where is your company at - in creating a positive customer experience?

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