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Creatio CRM, Creatio updates

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bpm'online version 7.14.2 available for existing subscribers

New features and improvements include:

Marketing Campaigns.

Bpm'online continues expanding the functionality of trigger campaigns in bpm’online: this release features the ability to re-include participants in the campaigns. In addition, the ability to loop a campaign based on pre-setup timer restriction or other conditions is now available.



Now the system can dynamically generate the sender's name and email address using macros. For example, you can send letters to clients on behalf of responsible managers, and clients will be able to respond to them directly.

Case Management:

To better organize the system notifications, bpm'online has implemented an ability to send case notifications only to the contact specified on the case page, even if that contact was changed during the case processing or even if the contact haven’t originally initiated the case. Also, in beta mode bpm'online has implemented an ability to use response templates in the case. This will allow you to quickly leave case comments without losing important information.

Data Management:

Bpm'online has added an ability to display aggregated columns and connected object columns in editable lists. This way, you can display data directly on the detail without switching to connected records.

System Deployment:

Postgre SQL DBMS is now available for bpm’online sales enterprise.

Development tools:

  • Now developers can add a “Fractional number” column to an object with an accuracy of 8 decimal places for more accurate calculations.
  • In addition, we’ve implemented an API that allows users to develop web services compatible with the .NET Framework on the Windows platform and the .NET Core platform. Bpm'online recommends using this API to work with HttpRequest and HttpResponse.
  • Bpmcli command line utility was enhanced with new features that allow for switching to the development mode. In this mode, packages installed using bpmcli become editable. You can add, delete and edit their contents. Adding elements to the package using predefined templates is also available.



Please, make sure your bpm’online mobile application is updated to the latest version for the best performance.

Download 7.14.2 release guide PDF.


Detailed descriptions of all the new features and upgrades are available on bpm’online academy.
Read the release notes >>

Learn more about the functionality that will be introduced in the upcoming regular update packages for bpm’online >>

Should you have any questions, please email us — we are happy to help! or let's start a conversation.


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