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How to edit the list of social/phone types to add a new "toll-free" phone type

Usage Case:

Importing migrated data from another system into bpm’online needed to push an account’s and contact’s toll-free phone number into bpm’online database. Out-the-box the 3 types of communication options for a phone number for an account are:  Primary phone, fax and alternate phone, but no toll-free.  Thus, a new phone type lookup must be added first. 

Solution Steps:

#1 Create the new lookup, communications phone type of  “Toll-free”

To add a new phone type, please open System designer → Lookups. The information you need is stored under the ‘Communication option types’ lookup.  [Typically, this is something your CRM administrator would be performing].


To start, use a Filter to search for ‘%communica%’ using wildcard symbols around the search term and the search results will show something like this:

Communication option types Lookup.png

To add a new phone type “Toll-free”, click on the ‘Open content’ button.

Communication type lookup editing.png


To add a new phone type, click on New on the “Communication option types” tab.

Adding new Communiction type for phone.png


Type in a name for a new record, optional description and define the section where it will be used. If this will be used for contact and accounts also check “Use for contacts” and “Use for accounts”

Adding new Communiction type for phone-1.png


After that you need to state to which communication type the new record belongs. In this case it is Phone.  To do so, please click/highlight your new record, “Tool-free” and press <New> button under the “Communication types” tab. 

Link toll-free communication option to Phone type.png


Then you need to choose the communication type – “Phone” and press OK

Selcect phone communication type.png


Click <Close> button to complete this process.

Done for adding toll-free phone communication type.png


#2 Perform the import to update existing accounts with a toll-free number from another database

As a person with proper permissions, start the System Designer and select “Data import”

Import option bpmonline.png

Select the name of the import file and click on “Account” for where you want the data imported to.

bpmonline data import for account info.png



Perform any mapping adjustments.  In this case the import file named the column “TollFree” but the destination to select is “Additional contact details” -> “Communication option” -> “Toll-free”

bpmonline data import map columns.png

Press <Next>

Mapping columns complete.png

Since the bpm’online data was created from another system, that system’s account table unique ID, “AccountID”, was carried forward from the prior database into the bpm’online account section.  That is what will be chosen as the duplicate search field instead of account name

Data import- duplicate management.png

Press <Start data import>.  Percentage of completion progres messages occur and the user can edit and do other work while the importing process is working.

Data import summary result.png

#3  Verify

To verify select one of the updated account records and check the “Communications options”.  A new phone field “Toll-free’ will be filled in.

Verified new contact toll free phone import.png

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