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BPM-Business process management, Business Process Automation, Creatio CRM, Dynamic Case Mgmt

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Bpm'online is among the most significant DCM software providers

bpmonline award DCMWe are happy to announce that bpm’online has been recognized as a Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave™: Cloud-Based Dynamic Case Management, Q1 2018 by Forrester Research, one of the most influential research and advisory firms in the world.

It was noted that the ability to build, use, deploy and change a case process continues to improve for the platforms Forrester evaluated, but there's still work to do. Deployment options now offer public exchanges for packaged use cases and diverse cloud options, keeping pace with enterprise software trends.

Bpm'online takes aim at customer engagement. 

Bpm'online sells its solution in North America and Europe, through 400 partners that specialize in CRM or BPM. With 650 employees, bpm'online has garnered 7,000 clients and penetrated the market in the midsize to large enterprise range. With roots in CRM and classic BPM, it starts with the customer journey to target a consistent experience. CRM and marketing services are familiar domains.

For example, deciphering inbound emails to create cases is a common use case. Overall, this is a BPM solution that can build a customer-focused case process, with more than 150 case templates and apps available in an external community. Combined with popular social tools, native chat, and feed functions, and with some roots in unified communication, it offers a nice integration of Skype, customer communications management (CCM), ECM, and traditional dashboard analytics. Clients choose bpm'online as a lighter and low-code alternative, without the deep analytics and declarative rules engine, for customer service and CRM environments.

Report Highlights:

Infrastructure and operations (I&O) pros are looking for case platforms to support a variety of use cases.
The DCM market is growing because more I&O professionals see these solutions as a way to address their top challenges. The challenges result from changes in the nature of work, which is moving from production- and task-based to knowledge- and context-driven.

Forrester Dynamic Case Management award

Established DPA platforms remain incumbents.
DPA includes traditional BPM, DCM, and low-code software support. BPM and DCM handle complex, long-running processes that require extensive upfront modeling followed by long development and continuous improvement cycles

Products Improve Design, Rules, And UI Development.
DCM solution platforms are tackling increasingly complex use cases. The ability to abstract complexity through information and task design models, English expression editors for rules, integrated UI development tooling, and preconfigured templates and frameworks is the essence of a quality DCM product

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