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Effectively Using the bpm'online Mobile App

Experience a new level of agility with mobile access to award-winning bpm'online. Easily get to all the critical information about your prospects and customers, manage your activities and track KPI's. The bpm'online mobile app allows the user to manage daily tasks while you are traveling and you don't have access to a laptop or Internet.  Not only manage people and companies and linked activities but drill into what is happening with Leads, Opportunities and customer service Cases.

Drive the productivity of your sales team, start doing business in motion without being tied down to bulky laptops and PCs. The most cost-effective BPM + CRM is "in your pocket" now.

With bpm'online mobile the comprehensive process-driven bpm'online system is available on your mobile device. Access to the vital data is made simple anywhere, anytime to boost your customer service.

Right from your mobile device you can easily create new orders and quotes in bpm'online, access invoices, accounts and contacts, schedule appointments, make calls or send emails. Carry your sales data with you everywhere you go.

The following article provides an overview of the user interface, examples of using lists and detail forms used for accounts, contacts & opportunities along with sample decision dashboards.

View of main menu / schedule:

Main menu and schedule bpmonline mobile


The View of a contacts list from a selected folder "Customers" and then drill into the contacts' detailed information:

Contacts listing view bpmonline mobile


  Contact detail bpmonline mobile





From the Detail view of a contact you can "Edit" the information and quickly view related Activities or Feed information.




To perform additional options, click on the 3 lines icon to enhance the contact with a new communication method, new address or noteworthy event. Quickly schedule a meeting.  Use the + option to add a new contact.  If permissions are allowed you can copy and delete this contact record.

Additional options sub menu contact detail bpmonline 

Use the hyperlinks to be redirected to related information.  For example, use the company hyperlink Company hyperlink to access the related account record.  At the account record the user can edit information and drill into related information such as Activities, Contacts, Opportunities and Feed.

Account detail and related options in bpmonline mobile

Use the 3 lines menu icon to also enhance the account record, schedule a new task or Copy/Delete the record depending on your permissions.

Account detail additional options bpmonline mobile


Opportunity management

The sales team has the ability to add new opportunities, updates existing ones and link follow-up activities.

Select the folder holding the opportunities to manage such as "In Progress"

Opportunity listing bpmonline mobile 

Opportunity list management options bpmonline mobile







Tapping a highlighted opportunity record will pop up the Opportunity detail form for viewing, editing or adding.

Opportunity Detail 1 of 2 bpmonline mobileThe top half shows opportunity details and scrolling down the primary contact, role, influence, and so forth is easily available. Use the > icons to expand options for the field selected.

   Opportunity Detail 2 of 2 bpmonline mobile











Dashboards increase productivity and effective decision making

There are multiple dashboards available

  • Account manager - with upcoming meetings, Top 5 open deals, Key clients requiring attention, Order payment dynamics and Hot leads.
  • Lead Totals - with number of leads and number of sales ready, leads by need maturity and lead sources
  • Sales Pulse - with invoice metrics, new opportunities by category, top 10 opportunities to close
  • Sales Rep - with similar information as sales pulse but for the sales rep
  • Top Performers - with top 5 sales reps by paid invoices and by opportunity amount; top 5 sales reps by number of meeting and by number of calls
  • Campaign totals - with counts for total number of contacts in system, campaign participants, campaigns by month and audience by month
  • Current status - with overdue cases, number of active cases, workload per support line, Top services by active cases and scheduled vs actual resolved cases this week.
  • Email Totals - with sent count, upcoming bulk emails and recent bulk emails completed.
  • Event totals - with upcoming events, events by type, and dollars for expected budget, actual cost, expected revenue and actual revenue
  • General Indicators - cases by various filters
  • KPIs - with metrics on customer service cases
  • Leader board - with top agents by closed cases and by user rating
  • Monthly KPIs - with overdue response, overdue resolution, user satisfaction summaries
  • User feedback - with customer satisfaction level dynamics timeline and average user rating


For the full set of bpm'online dashboards and their analytical results, view the desktop full web browser view

Example of Account Manager dashboard:

Dashboard - Account manager - bpmonline mobile

Example of Leads totals dashboard:

Dashboard - Lead totals in bpmonline mobile

Example of Sales Pulse dashboard - and drill into the New opportunities by category:

Sales pulse - new opportunities by category bpmonline mobile


Example of Top Performers dashboard 

Top performers dashboard bpmonline mobile




• Sync all Contacts, Accounts, Leads, Activities, Sales across the computers and mobile devices you use
• View, add, modify, delete records 
• Call contacts directly from within the app 
• Access customer information even in offline mode 
• See the latest updates from your colleagues

Benefit from significant time savings by performing the necessary operations in bpm'online during the idle time — in traffic, transport, while waiting for a meeting.

Enjoy all the benefits of mobile access to bpm'online:

• Simplified work with bpm'online
• Increased sales and field service employee productivity
• Enhanced collaboration within the company 
• Enriched customer experience due to immediate response to requests and inquiries
• Enhanced information accuracy, while lowering field service costs
• Improved business process efficiency

The application operates on mobile devices with Android 4.0+ version installed or Apple iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Bpm'online mobile is compatible with bpm'online versions 7.x.  

NOTE: Mobile application requires synchronization with bpm'online. Users without valid bpm'online licenses can use demo access in the app.

To synchronize mobile app with bpm'online, users with valid bpm'online licenses will also need a license for bpm'online mobile. To learn more about the licensing policy, please visit here.

Find the bpm'online mobile app here on Google Play or likewise from the Apple store.   Select the bpm'online mobile 7 app.

Google Play - bpmonline mobile app


Learn more information on our bpm'online professional services

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