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Success with CRM Received bpm’online 2018 ACCELERATE Award

Dick Wooden  
Success with CRM

Success with CRM Received bpm’online 2018 ACCELERATE Award
Named as one of the fastest growing CRM partners in North America

Boston, MA – May 2018: Success with CRM received the bpm’online ACCELERATE Award for being one of the fastest growing bpm’online partners in North America in 2018. Every year, bpm’online presents two ACCELERATE Awards: one to a North American partner and one to a global partner, each who have made rapid progress. A bpm’online partner must meet certain goals to move up a level in the partner program; the goals (established by bpm’online and tracked with a points system) include revenue targets, number of certified experts, and marketing activities.

fastest growing CRM partner in america

Success with CRM’s accomplishments from January 2018 to May 2018 include:

  • Over 50 licenses in marketing and sales
  • Certified two experts in bpm’online
  • Completed nine successful bpm’online marketing activities


Andrew Brill, bpm’online’s partner account manager, was excited to say, “Ordinarily a partner moves up one level in a year. Success with CRM set partner records by moving up two levels, from Level 1 to Level 3, in just five months.” 

Because of this outstanding growth and dedication to their customers, Dick Wooden, president of Success with CRM, was invited to present his story at the annual 2018 ACCELERATE bpm’online partner conference in Boston on May 4, 2018. “We’re proud of our efforts. We focus on creating sustained relationships and long-term growth for our clients. They trust our expert opinion when it comes to all things CRM; that dedication and support is what got us this far and will keep us on track to continue this success,” Dick said.

Success with CRM’s 1,000+ easily accessible blog articles, educational resources, quick follow-up, and comprehensive CRM knowledge has led them to be one of the fastest growing partners in North America.


About Success with CRM: Success with CRM Consulting implements customizable CRM systems that capture knowledge, return insights, and allow for better, faster decision-making. Supported software includes bpm’online, Infor CRM (Saleslogix), Infor CRM Mobile, Act! CRM, and HubSpot Sales Pro CRM. Learn more on their website (www.successwithcrm.com).




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