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Understanding the Value points for CRM in Your Business

CRM is more than just software or a set of processes – it’s a business culture solidly focused on winning and keeping the right customers. Success-with-CRM-purposesA good CRM solution builds value for your business by opening up vital communication channels and creating a common client-focused knowledge-base to better serve your clients.

CRM is about understanding the buying habits and preferences of your customers and prospects so you can: 

  • Build and strengthen customer relationships to keep them coming back.

  • Provide value-added services that are difficult for competitors to duplicate.

  • Improve your product development and service delivery processes.

  • Increase your staff’s awareness of customer needs.

  • Reduce customer frustration by not asking the same questions over and over.

By effectively integrating your marketing, sales and customer service functions, a good CRM system makes it easier for everyone inside your company to work together and share critical information. And with today's highly accessible mobile CRM options its even easier to capture key notes, update opportunities, view open service tickets, and open that latest PDF quote attachment.

An effective CRM system empowers your customers and prospects to do business with you - the way they choose!  Imagine connecting your customers to your employees and business partners across any department, through any process and via any communication device - phone, tablet, laptop, web Internet portal.


CRM can contribute many benefits to your organization including:

New sales opportunities:

A good CRM system will classify your prospects and help identify you best customers.  With detailed information on your customers you can accurately project and respond to their buying needs throughout the sales cycle.  A good CRM system can help you automate routine sales tasks - allowing you to spend more time focusing on strategic sales issues.


Improved customer service:

The right CRM system allows your team to take a pro-active approach to customer service. With up-to-date and complete customer information at their fingertips, your employees can resolve customer issues more quickly and successfully create cross and up-sell opportunities.


Better decision making:

CRM systems provide a single view of the customer across all touch points and channels, as well a delivering comprehensive reports of customer behaviors, marketing campaign results and sales activity. Each of these elements are necessary for smart decision making and long term strategic planning.


Greater efficiency:

With an integrated CRM system, you can gain immediate access to your organization's critical customer information.  A good CRM solution also increases internal efficiencies by automating work flow processes, reducing human error, decreasing process time and providing consistency throughout the entire organization.


Our firm, Success with CRM Consulting, exists to help businesses attract more ideal prospects, keep profitable customers and develop quality customers into long-term valuable relationships.

Give Dick or Julie a phone call:  269-445-3001 to further discuss ideas and solutions to help your business reach these improvement type objectives with a strong CRM foundation.

Topics:   Technology Understanding Importance Customer loyalty What is CRM Compelling Value Creation

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