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Working opportunities with the latest Saleslogix Mobile 3.0

Working your opportunities using Saleslogix Mobile 3.0

The latest version of Saleslogix Mobile 3.0 provides a productive work flow for working your opportunities and new metrics on demand to measure sales performance.  Essentially as you update the day to day activites the progress of the opportunity is moved forward. 


Your group of your opportunities can be filtered using "hash tags" available from an easily accessible context menu. Select to filter for just "Open", "Won", "Lost", etc. opportunities.  Or filter by selecting a tag for the sales cycle stage:  Qualification, Needs-Analysis, demonstration, negotiation or decision.  (Note:  The sales stages can be specific to your business).



Additionally Mobile version 3.0 allows the display of KPI's - Key performance indicators from Mobile_3.0_Opportunity_KPI-_smallthe filtered group.  In this case from the right context menu select the two KPI's so the button is dark black. Now when you view the list of sales opportunities the count of opportunities and their sales potential is displayed.

For this user they have 56 opportunities with a total sales potential of 21.9 million.




If you are the sales manager you could select the "Open" hash tag and it would show you the count of opportunities and the potential sales dollars.  Better yet, simply tap on the "Sales Potential" KPI icon and it will show a graph of the the sales reps owning those open opportunities.  There are two top performing sales reps and three that are struggling!



Summary Workflow with Sales Opportunities



For related articles on the Saleslogix Mobile 3.0 capabilities....or visit our Saleslogix Mobile 3.0 web page.


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