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Working your schedule of activities - Infor Mobile 3.x capabilities

Typically you want to quickly view your schedule of activities for the current week- ideally on your smart phone. 

It starts when you log in and see your scheduled activities, known as "My Activities".  For the list you can tap an activity to show the full information and make changes.  Use the large + icon to add a new activity: Meeting, Phone call or personal activity.

Tap on the 3 lines icon to get back to the main menu. 

My daily activities - Infor CRM mobile

Common Icon functions:

Infor Mobile common icon functions

To search for information in the entire CRM database type in a word or phrase into the "SpeedSearch" box.  

Use the menu for Quick actions like Adding a new account and contact.

Use the Go to menu items for viewing your schedule, see a calendar view of activities or view the historical communications. Also you can go directly to the organized list of Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Service Tickets. 

Infor mobile 3x main menu

Tapping on the Calendar view will display 

Infor Mobile 3x Calendar view



From the list of activities, you can tap on the specific activity to view or edit its details.  

Infor Mobile view-edit activity

Use the Notes/History view to see all historical communications such as completed meetings, completed phone calls, sent emails and any historical notes.

Infor Mobile notes-history list view

Use the 3-dot icon for configuring the view. To only show a specific type of history (my history, notes, phone call, meeting, email) and to show 2 optional KPIs:  Count of the total number of history records and/or total duration.

 Infor Mobile notes-history configuration options


To obtain the important larger perspective of a group of accounts or a specific account, use the "Accounts" main menu option.

  • Use the "Lookup" area to type in a few letters of an account name to find the account.
  • Use the Infor Mobile 3 dot configuration icon  3-dot icon to modify the configuration of the view to show.  In the following example the Detail account list is shown along with the KPI for the number accounts.
  • Use the large + icon to add a new account


Infor mobile account list view

  • Tapping on the page icon in the far left column will show quick tasks for the related account:
    • Configure - to setup which quick actions to display
    • Edit - the account details
    • Call Main - call the main account phone number
    • Contact - display people at the account
    • Add Note for the account
    • Add Activity
    • Add Attachment - link a digital document to the account


Infor Mobile Account search and quick actions

To modify what account group(s) that are shown, whether to show a summary or detail listing and to setup which KPIs to show, use the 3 dot icon.  There are 3 sections:  Groups, Layouts and KPIs.

Infor mobile account configuration options


  • Groups:  Use the Configure gear icon to view a list of account groups that will be used in the mobile version


Infor mobile account groups configuration selection

  • Layouts:  Select either Summary or Detail
  • KPI: Select any of the options.  In this case just "Total Accounts" will be counted and shown:

Infor mobile account list KPI selection





The configuration options for working with contacts, leads, etc works the same way.  Select the default groups, the layout of data and the KPIs to show.


One of the new features of the Infor Mobile client is the display of digital attachments.  This allows the mobile user to add new attachments like a proposal or spreadsheet document and to also click to view the attachment on the mobile device.

Infor moible My attachments view


Sound helpful?

Learn more about Infor CRM Mobile client and how it can improve your daily live and accelerate the building of relationships and connecting with your customers. 

Contact Dick: 269-445-3001 for a strategy call


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