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7 Critical Factors for Successful Sales Conversations- recommendation

We have some highly recommended web sites and authors that have been important to ourSales-Conversation-CRM-Capture business decisions and business philosophy.  Charles Green, author of the Trusted Advisor, recently emailed us about a related resource from the, RAIN Group.  We have found them to be a very helpful for those of us in the Professional Services industry and improving our Sales Conversations.

Are successful Sales Conversations important to you?  If so, we've got some valuable content for you.  (If not, then move along, nothing to see here, have a happy day.)

If so then consider these two data points:


(1) 25% of buyers surveyed had no personal chemistry with sellers.

(2)  86% of those same buyers would be much more likely to consider purchasing
if some kind of personal chemistry were established.


Check the math. That's a 21% improvement possibility – just by getting better at having a conversation. So – why don't we all do that?

My view is that people think focusing on "sales conversations" is either too mechanical, or too fluffy. And so, they go focus on value propositions, or metrics, or processes. They give up.

Too bad. Because the art of a sales conversation can be cultivated through hard, practical steps. The balance between art and science, hard and soft, is important to get just right.

Enter the helpful folks at RAIN Group. The RAIN Group specializes in sales consulting, coaching, and training. They are smart. They are well-schooled in sales. They are (very) hard-working. And they do their homework.  This has been our experiences for more than 6 years accessing their knowledge.


Their popular eBook, 7 Critical Factors for Successful Sales Conversations, tackles this critical art/science balance head on. I think they do an excellent job of identifying and addressing the key sales issues.

It is solid, practical – and still very human. It's 32 pages of rich, actionable content. The eBook walks you through
seven critical factors, in a coherent model. Each factor in turn is broken down into 3-6 key parts. This is as good a road map as you're ever going to find. It gets to the essence of successful conversations and I am glad to tell you about it.

And, the eBook is free. There is no obligation associated with it. 

Click here for 7 Critical Factors for Successful Sales Conversations, by Mike Schultz and John Doerr, of RAIN Group. I think it'll be worth your while. 


Capturing your Sales Conversations in CRM

Also consider capturing these important conversations as part of your daily routine in the use of your CRM system. Use smart phones and tablets for quick access.

Note the highlights of what was said, who promised to do what and when.  What new interests were shared that can improve your next conversation and connect with the other person?


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