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How Can CRM Help My Business and What's In It for Me?

What's In It For Me? 

How to deliver personal gain to each CRM user AND satisfy Executive Management TODAY!

Sales Begging for CRM

Your sales team wants to easily inform you on daily, weekly and monthly events that happen with in your company, but finds it frustrating.

The "Million Dollar" question:
Can you sales teams perform their daily tasks quickly and accurately PLUS provide management an Executive Summary on the spot?

Top 7 reasons "How a CRM system helps improve my business, yet satisfy what my team needs".

  1. Easier access to shared information about your contacts, their business, conversations, past history on your commitments made in meetings, phone calls e-mails and quick notes.
  2. No more Call Reports or periodic reporting! Call lists don't have to be created, because your sales team can easily view their follow up schedule and the related notes. Additionally they can see their past completed activities and notes on their mobile phone or tablet.

  3. Easily view related notes, service/support call status on issues, open and past closed issues with resolutions.  Stay on top of what is happening.

  4. View past proposals, quotes and other digital documents. Staying informed quickly!

  5. Pull in sales literature, product spreadsheets, MDS Sheets, from the Company Library and attach to an e-mail to a prospective customer.  No more hunting for those company shared documents.

  6. Use email, fax or letter preformatted templates to quickly and consistently respond to a customer request.

  7. View warm/hot call lists generated from specific contacts that have shown interest in electronic marketing activity.  Thus you know when they are most interested instead of hounding them too often.
Sounds helpful in what you do? Want to find out more?


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