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History has taught us all that, "it is the more adaptable of the species that survives". For your business to continue it must grow or be left behind.  Likewise this applies to your professional and personal life. The status quo is only average, meaning that another 50 percent are better. So what is your sales development strategy and what is the plan of action?

Customer focused knowledge first

Successful sales development must focus on the customer, the reason you are in a "for-profit" business. This focus also applies to donors to not-for-profits, patients for a hospital, clients for a professional services firm and dealers in a manufacture/distributor. Growth of the organization comes with a systematic approach to acquiring and attracting more ideal prospects while developing them into long term profitable customers.

In a world where it is more difficult to distinguish yourself on the basis of your product, service or price, the companies who excel are those who sell better than the rest.  And that means having a system to easily capture knowledge of the customer contact- the components that build those personal relationships.  In our current and foreseeable future, those companies who manage and direct their sales forces to higher levels of productivity succeed, while those who remain stuck in fear, afraid to invest in their own personal and professional development, gradually fall by the way side.




Slices of the open sales opportunities- don't by the sales reps with the small pieces.





Action tools for better sales management

That's why we are offering you the opportunity to "connect and sell better” by helping your sales managers manage better.  A CRM system not only helps in managing the commitments to prospects and customers but it allows for the identification of sales opportunities and effectively, forecasted revenue. Today sales reps can easily record the notes of contact conversations using their smart phone or tablet.  Mobility with CRM helps that get accomplished.

The sales manager can use CRM to quickly see a management dashboard summarizing what's important to them. 


Maybe it’s a listing of opportunities about to close in the next 30 days. It could be a metric on the deals won in the last 30 days over key competitors. Maybe it's a graph showing the average days in the pipeline for each sales rep so the sales manager can drill down to specific opportunities. 



Flexible filters allows the Saleslogix CRM user to slice and dice their opportunity information which leads to new insights along with areas of success and improvement.  The sales manager can then coach and lead the sales professional to more focused sales development actions which result in sales productivity improvements.


If you are stuck on what to do or what matters, call me: 269-445-3001.  I'll be happy to help you out.

What do you need to start doing now for important improvement?


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