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Making it all work with CRM - There must be a better way

Sometimes you just know there must be a better way. You know in your gut that your business isn’t working as well as you want it to. Then someone, like Dick or Julie, comes along and recommends what might be a better way.  It takes so much time and energy that the rest of your life is on overload and you don’t even know if the business decisions you’re making are the wisest ones.

Part of you wants to jump up and hug them (well, let’s not get carried away . . .), say yes, bring it on, like yesterday.



Then a little voice in the back of your head says, “Whoa there, not so fast,How to make my CRM work better” and starts asking questions. That little voice’s native language is “Yeah-but,” and as annoying as it can be, it’s probably your friend, because once you answer its questions, you’ll know if the solution we offer is a better way for you.

We tell you one of Swiftpage's CRM systems will give you and your management team the information you need to make better, quicker decisions. You say, yeah, but you don’t know my management staff. How do I get them on board with a big change like that?

The answer: There are actually established best practices for successful implementation of a CRM rollout across a team. We can coach you, and them, through that process.

We tell you it will help increase your sales revenue. You say, yeah, but will my sales force actually use it? If they have to wait till they get back to the office to enter information, chances are they won’t.


The answer: The only reason they might have to wait is if they’re calling on a customer in the middle of a dead spot. It’s called mobile access.

We tell you it will help your staff be more productive. You say, yeah, but how will my sales manager and I tie their activities to results?


The answer: Dashboards. Reports galore. You’re gonna love this.


We tell you it’s a solution that will help you get things done even more efficiently than before. You say, yeah, but how long will the transition take to this new and improved system?


The answer: Usually a month or two.

And during that time, you’ll discover ways to customize the system to capture information and support processes unique to various group’s needs within your business. You’ll also learn how it syncs data with your quoting and accounting systems.

We tell you it will help your customer service people do a better job of helping your customers. You say, yeah, but not if the database is not maintained properly. How do we ensure that happens?


The answer: we’ll be there to guide, consult, share our knowledge, set up, customize, work out the bugs.

It's part of our job to make sure your internal staff will be able to keep it updated and maintained.

So do a gut check. Is it time for a better way? Give us a call, and we’ll be glad to answer all your little voice’s questions.


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What ways of doing things are you looking to vastly improve?


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