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“Gut level” truth about people

Why is CRM, or customer relationship management, valuable to a business owner or someone like a VP of Sales and Marketing? 

I’ll give you a hint: People are the key. Here’s why:

Many years ago, at a conference I attended in Chicago, a speaker mentioned that a business needs to understand that success with sales force automation, which has since become known as CRM, is first and foremost about people. then processes, and finally technology.  

Our firm's experience in implementing successful CRM systems for small and medium-sized businesses seems to indicate that the ratio is about 60 percent people, 30 percent process, and just 10 percent technology.  These are the best places to focus your efforts, in that order.

And now to answer our opening question about CRM’s value: Over the years owners and senior executives have shared a theme with me about their CRM system’s use and its value.  It comes from their “gut,” and it’s about people. They say,  

"Our CRM system is the ONE version of the truth that we rely on and go to." CRM-one-version-of-truth

What does that mean? It means that an effectively used CRM System can be relied upon to tell them these things about people:

  • Who’s doing what-- They can see the history of activities and communications.
  • Who’s succeeding, who is not and who needs coaching and guidance.
  • Who is serving customers and putting a smile on their faces?
  • Who in sales is moving their opportunities along and who is closing profitable sales opportunities– They keep the business funded.
  • Who is communicating in a meaningful way with prospects and customers versus who’s not sharing and contributing?
  • Who are their best customers--the ones we enjoy serving--and who create more problems than they are worth?
  • Who is leaving their business and why?
  • Who is in their sales pipeline as the best future sales opportunities?
  • Who from their customer base is calling in with questions and issues?
  • Who of their customers are references and, better yet, referral sources?
  • Who in their organization is starting and strengthening relationships that turn into results:
  • Who are new customers,
  • Who are new strategic partnerships or alliances,
  • What new customer insights are becoming visible?
  • What feedback on a new product offering are we receiving?
  • What are the newest industry trends?
  • Who is contributing to the growth of the business and who isn't?



Which of these questions drive you crazy? 

We can help you get the answers you need. 

Contact us today.    (269)-445-3001.



The truth about people will inform better and more timely decisions


A successful CRM system must enable people to make more timely and smarter decisions based on the truth it makes visible.  The speed and accuracy of decisions will improve with this knowledge found in CRM.


The result will be better strategic decisions by business owners, the management team, and all the others who contribute to and depend on the CRM system.


The truth about people will build your confidence

More confidence comes from better knowledge-based decisions about:

  • your sales team and forecasts.
  • the quality of your customer service and its contribution to growing and keeping profitable customers.
  • the strength of the business to continually attract more ideal prospects and retain profitable customers who are a joy to work with.


The truth about people makes CRM a trusted resource and valuable business  asset


The positive “gut level” feeling that makes CRM so valuable comes from its being a trusted yet easily accessible place that holds valuable truth -- about people and conversations, processes and results.  CRM is a knowledge database that is valuable to any business continuing and planning for predictable success.

Does your CRM system give you a positive "gut level" feeling?  If not, it can and should. Give us a call today and let's have a conversation about using it to gain more truth insights about the people important to your business.


Editor's Note: This post was originally published in August 2013 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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