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Having the Right Attitude - in Sales and for Long-term Success

Can you point out a person that has that right attitude when you are dealing with them, particually in a sales environment?  Do they have an opportunity mindset of a better future and willing to discuss the potential that is possible to improve your conditions?

Positive attitude quote

Tom Black, author of "The Boxcar Millionaire"  gave  a list of personal beliefs that he's observed in top salespeople.  Here's that list, slightly edited.

  1. I believe that people are as happy as they want to be.
  2. I am persistent even in the face of disappointment.
  3. I constantly improve my knowledge and skills.
  4. I think BIG even when I'm dealing with the small-minded.
  5. I am truly committed to being of service to others.
  6. I am willing to leave my comfort zones.
  7. I am a consummate professional and behave accordingly.
  8. I accept change as a part of life, willingly and completely.
  9. I make decisions quickly and then take immediate action.
  10. I take full responsibility for my performance.

As I think back of my parents, although they came through the "real depression" of the 1930's, they were still positive, forward thinking and progressive in their entrepreneurial mindset. My dad and uncle would always be looking for improvements in their different agricultural businesses. Mom was always pointing her children into learning from new experiences. Likewise the successful people I've known in various occupations and not only sales professionals, have nearly every one of these beliefs.


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