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Getting Things Done:  We must never allow our lizard brain's resistance to stop us from "Shipping".

These 'Top 10 Ways to Beat Internal Resistance' are inspired by Seth Godin and David Allen.

  1. Seth Godin Lizard Brain

    Create a deadline in someone else's world.  (Tell someone else to help make you be accountable)

  2. Just do the next physical action.

  3. Create space and enjoy the silence.

  4. Get a coach or mentor.

  5. Smile.  Take a deep breath.  Walk tall.

  6. Change the paradigm from "What if it goes wrong?" to "What if it doesn't?"

  7. Recognize and Review:

    • Keep good project and next action lists 

    • Weekly review goals and projects

    • In knowledge work, we don't just do our work, we also define what work is.

  8. Change your perspective, change your view "Pivot".

  9. Develop playful, productive momentum.  Give yourself permission to play and think positively.

  10. Make an appointment for the war and put it in your diary.


Once a day for an hour, work only on those things that you resist the most.

Take the Next Steps:

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