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Answer the questions below to test your Sales Readiness with CRM.

If any of these questions are hard to answer, or the answers that come to mind seem unsatisfactory, then Success with CRM Consulting, Inc. can help you!


  1. How are prospects qualified?

    (Consider what are the requirements so your sales time is effective?)

  2. How accurate are your sales forecasts?

    (Consider how close to reality is each opportunity to a Closed -Won/Closed-Lost, or to the % probability of a Close.)

  3. What is the average discount per sale?

  4. What sales methodology and processes do you follow?

    (Consider the stages, steps and milestones to measure progress.)

  5. Can you see a daily pipeline of opportunities to close in 30/60 days?

  6. How do you forecast sales?

    (Consider the stages or milestone that trigger an opportunity being 25%, 50%, or 75% probability)

    SalesLogix Opportunity DAshboard

  7. How long is your sales cycle?

    (Consider number of days from start to close, the type of products and the classification of business.)

  8. Which sales reps have the shortest cycle for Closed and Won opportunities?

  9. Can you view the competitors or Closed-Lost and Closed-Won opportunities?

    (Consider not only who, but why?)

  10. Which marketing campaign generated the best leads?

    (Consider the source of the lead/opportunity.  Was it pre-warmed with a referral?)

  11. How many leads does it take to produce one new customer? What is the "X" number of leads that convert to "Y" number of opportunities that convert into "Z" number of customers?

  12. How many people are involved in selling a new customer?

    (Consider tech assistance, marketing materials, stretgic partners.)

  13. What do your competitors say about your solutions/organization?

  14. How many presentations/demonstrations does it take to close one sale?

  15. How many new sales opportunities do your sales reps generate themselves?

    (Consider those not provided by marketing.  How many come from cold calls?)

  16. What steps are involved in selling to a new customer from lead to close?

    (Consider how the buyers buying process matches your selling process.)

  17. Which product/service offering has the shortest sales cycle?

(Consider the resources used, time, and net margin.) 


If any of these questions are hard to answer, or the answers that come to mind seem unsatisfactory, then Success with CRM Consulting, Inc. can help you!


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