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Big or Small, CRM Grows with Your Business - Part 4

Ed the Entrepreneur continues The Wooden Toy Story, Part 4

In Part 1, we’ve shared with you the story – fable, if you will -- of Ed the Entrepreneur and his company, Wooden Toys. Today let’s look at the latest chapter of their success.

From Ed’s dream to put a sturdy wooden tractor in the hands of children across the country and a smile on their parents’ faces, with wise leadership Wooden Toys grew to over $15 million in annual sales. First Sage ACT! and then Sage SalesLogix provided the business systems foundation on which this success developed.

What does this look like for each team of CRM users at Wooden Toys? Well, each day when they open SalesLogix, each one sees what matters most to them based on how they’ve configured their own dashboards. Customer service associates see a list of open or past-due service tickets. Sales reps see what follow-up calls they need to make when, and appointments they need to prepare for. Managers see rolled-up information about their whole departments. And executive management can view the business as a whole – that golden 360-view – and still drill down into the details when they need to.

CRM Management Dashboard


All from the same system. How good does that sound?

When Wooden Toys got started, all you could do on a cell phone was call someone. Now, of course, our mobile devices carry key information and connect us to all the resources and power of the cloud, whenever we want. Through the mobile capabilities of SalesLogix, Ed and his son Mark have made sure that their whole team takes this CRM and business systems tool wherever they go.  They can access and enter customer notes in the field – before, during, and after each visit to retailers like Macy’s, Target, and TSC.

Everyone has embraced the sales opportunities function in the program. As sales manager, Dave uses that information to provide accurate opportunity forecasts to the management team so they can make solid decisions such as projections for inventory.

Wooden Toys’ plant is humming these days. Kids across the world are enjoying their favorite wooden toys. The symbol of Ed’s dream today has become “Woody,” a model of a John Deere 8000 HP dual wheeled tractor, especially loved by their small owners.

In today’s connected world, Wooden Toys has arrived.


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