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Ed the Entrepreneur continues The Wooden Toy Story, Part 3

Success with CRM Family business

In Parts 1 and 2 of the Wooden Toy Story, we saw how Ed the Entrepreneur turned his dream of crafting quality wooden farm toys into a $15 million business, with the help of Sage ACT! contact and customer management system.

At this point in their growth and because of their business success, they found a strong need to improve their service and customer support system in order to gain the capacity to track quality defects and compliance issues.

So Ed’s son and now sales manager Dave asked Julie, the consultant who had helped them with Sage ACT!, what next steps she would recommend. She brought in her business partner Jay, who had more than a decade of designing and implementing CRM systems for small and medium sized businesses. After visiting with Dave, Jay recommended that he take a look at SalesLogix.


Concern of switching to a new system:

Dave and his team were less than excited, to say the least, about the time it would take to migrate data and train on a new system. But after more conversations and demonstrations with Jay and Julie, the advantages looked attractive enough for Dave to decide to try a test migration and a trial phase, with their support. He picked some key staff to function as the pilot team and asked Bill, Wooden Toy’s new IT manager, to set up a test web server environment to support the change.

Much to their amazement and delight, Dave and team experienced a smooth data conversion and found that the interface was much more user-friendly than they had anticipated. Of course Jay and Julie weren’t surprised – they knew from experience that Sage had designed these programs with tools to make implementation and user adoption fast and efficient.


From Pilot phase to full Implementation

The pilot phase was counted a success after 30 days. The full data migration and cut over was performed over the next weekend, and Ed the Entrepreneur’s family business was up and running on Monday morning. Jay and Julie had provided the end users with printed manuals for key “how-to” tasks in Sage SalesLogix, and the staff used the video training options available in the program as refreshers to their initial training as needed.

Soon after the roll-out, management started to hear reports detailing customer pleasure with the refreshingly helpful support options now available. Customers especially liked that they could create a service ticket when they had an issue and then check back on the status of that service ticket. That meant that when little Billy’s model Wooden Tractor needed a replacement right wheel, his parents could get a quick and reliable response. Happy children make happy parents, and happy customers buy again – and will probably refer their friends.




When a string of parent-generated service tickets all indicated that the right front wheel kept popping off, they could quickly set their design team to work figuring out what the problem was and fix it.


Goal Achieved:

And thus Ed and Dave fulfilled their goal: to improve their customer support system-  track defects, identify resolutions and discover trends for continuous improvement.


As you can see, Wooden Toys experienced quite a few benefits from this upgrade to Sage SalesLogix, but we’re not done with the story. Next time, how they got even better connected with customers that drive long term success.


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