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New Found Power Available - Mobile access to CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software has done quite a lot to change the nature of sales.

Thanks to CRM developments a sales team can keep track of nearly every vital aspect success with Mobile CRMof its customers, harness the power of software to better convert on its leads, and nurture lasting and valuable relationships with its base. The introduction of mobile access to CRM stands to multiply the newfound power of this class of software.


Here are several key facts that demonstrate this:  

  • Mobile CRM solutions use “opt in” protocols, meaning that the customer is genuinely interested in the brand and is prone to volunteering information that is useful to a sales team. The customer gives permission for mobile advertising, and as such there is a 24% response rate to such ads. Another example: identify that the person has given you permission to receive your company's electronic newsletter.

    Emarketing Opted out

  • Mobile CRM shortens reaction times. A sales representative is able to answer any potential customer service issues on the fly.

  • Meeting preparedness is improved. Meetings tend to act as time away from the connectivity of the office. However, with mobile access, a sales team member can bring the crucial data with them to the meeting and also provide important updates as the meeting goes on.

  • Organizational communication is improved. As sales personnel gather data in the field, they are easily able to disseminate that information to other important departments such as marketing and accounting.


Why Mobile CRM?  

Another survey identified how important is it to your business:

Why CRM Mobile






Companies can reap substantial percentage improvements in their business metrics from mobilizing sales force automation technology and services.

From the sources above it is clear that the combination of mobility and CRM can go a long way to improve salesContact us to learn more about all important trends and developments with CRM.

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