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10 Things You Can and Should Do with SalesLogix CRM In Place

Reasons to Amplify Business Success with CRM

Often we are asked about the benefits of CRM. Eventually the conversation gets down specifically to the tangible and even intangible reasons for a full CRM solution like SalesLogix. So these are some things you can do and actually should do to get the most from your CRM system and have the CRM system amplify your business success.


  1. To remove worry and loss by having a centralized, knowledge database of all your business contacts and businesses. A database that is an appreciating business asset. To have a CRM, customer management system, that provides easy access to find and more beneficially use this corporate information. To retain and grow loyal,  profitable customers along with the capability to seek out and attract more ideal prospects.
  2. To help retain clarity of your focus on the top 20% current and prospective customers that generate the 80% of revenue.  To have a daily dashboard of the people to call, visit and follow up with that matter most to your business success. SalesLogix-Todays-Activity-dashboard
  3. To have a list of your future, new revenue sources- the better sales opportunities of new and continued sales along with the different stages in the buyer/selling process.  To have a pipeline – a range of qualified opportunities at the top, middle and near to close.SalesLogix-opportunity-pipeline
  4. To share knowledge of your customer buying habits, customer prior sales history, items that built the relationships and trending industry/market place notes. It includes useful notes of meeting and phone calls with people.  "If it not in CRM, it didn't happen!" , said one business owner to us and his employees.
  5. To identify and share competitor insights, strengths, weakness, strategy to sell against, sales battle cards, and resource material links of competitors involved in both closed-lost and closed-won sales opportunities.  Are trends appearing?
  6. To use modern technology that provides easy information access such as smart phone, tablets and quick-to-boot portables.  SalesLogix-Mobile-CRMThen to integrate a wealth of accessible knowledge about companies and especially contacts found using social media and Google information. These technology tools will be surprisingly helpful to understand people's related interests found in tweets, Facebook associations, LinkedIn company profiles and a person’s current role and their past experiences.
  7. To provide richer knowledge of a contact so that more personalized and targeted conversations and marketing content can be provided, at the right time and in the right format to those most interested and needing contacts
  8. To increase productivity by automating common tasks with technology:
    • Web leads captured and recorded in CRM with alerts sent to sales reps for quick follow up.
    • Alerts of delayed or missed follow up activities.
    • Alerts of new, closed service/support issues to managers and sales/account managers
  9. To personalize- "to have it your way" (like the Burger King Motto):
    • Your ways to do daily tasks. 
    • To use your business terminology that everyone knows.
    • To have better ways you can filter, group and report.
    • To mold and tailor-make the CRM system for your business.
  10. To make faster, informed business decisions with use of groups, filters, and graphs to increase visualization of aggregate sales and customer service information.


Make sure the decisions you make in selecting and then fully utilizing your CRM system, touch upon each of these capabilities.  

It just starts with a simple and easy conversation.....


Topics:   CRM user adoption CRM Automation Knowledge Capture Results Gained with CRM

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